How much do you know about the OC?

The OC is one of the most popular shows in a long time. And now that the show is over, we sit here with all our OC-trivia and nothing to do with it - until now!

There is watching the OC - and then there is FOLLOWING it. Which category do you fit into? How much useless knowledge have you been building up after all those hours of snacks and dvd's? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: pheo

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  1. What is Seths middlename?
  2. How many times have Julie been married?
  3. You Remember Zach, right? What was his last name?
  4. Who was Oliver?
  5. How many people have died on the show?
  6. Which of the following were NOT characters from Atomic County, the graphic novel?
  7. Which character has NOT had a problem with alcohol or drugs on the show?
  8. What are the names of Ryan's parents?
  9. How many girls have we seen Seth kiss on the show?
  10. The tattoo on Alex's arm is..
  11. Which of the following bands have NOT played in the Bait Shop?
  12. Ryan never kissed a girl named..
  13. Which one of these celebrities have not appeared on the show?
  14. When Marissa gets really upset with her mom she throws..
  15. Henri-Michel, Taylor's ex-husband has written an erotic book about their sexlife. But there is one particular page often mentioned to be the juciest in the book...?
  16. Caitlin's favourite ice cream is..
  17. Summers rabbit is called..
  18. This song by Imogen Heap is playing as Marissa shoots Trey;

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the OC?