T. V. Show Trivia

There are so many different television show out there nowadays, How do you chose which ones to watch? If you are a t. V. Buff, have I got a quiz for you.

Think you know all about t. V sitcoms, past and present? Prove it. I ask questions about t. V. Shows, and you answer them using multiple choice style. Good Luck!

Created by: Elizabeth of www.loveabunch.piczo.com
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  1. On Punky Brewster, What was Punky's Rich friend's name?
  2. On All In The Family, What did Gloria and Michael name their son?
  3. On Three's Company, what was Janets Profession?
  4. On The show ALF, which planet did Alf come from?
  5. On King Of Queens, where does Doug Heffernin work?
  6. On Sabrina The Teenage Witch, what does Sabrina's Mother do for a living?
  7. On Mad About You, What do Jaime and Paul Name their daughter?
  8. On Get Smart, what was Maxwell Smarts agent number?
  9. On Dinosaurs, what does the baby say when he hits his dad off the head with a frying pan?
  10. Which actor was also considered for the roll as Danny Tanner on Full House?
  11. On Gilligan's Island, what was Mrs. Howell's First name?

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