Test your Trivia skills!

How good are you at Trivia? Do you Know You Zac Efron to Johnny Depp do you know your HSM from The movie Titanic most questions aren't very hard but there are some challenging ones. I'm not calling you guys babies but you might need your mum and dad's help!

Do you have what it Takes to become Trivia Champion is your brain filled with 100% trivia knowledge? Hope you do well Take the quiz if you want to find out if your a true Trivia Champion!

Created by: alyssa
  1. The name of what popular nibble comes from the french words 'baked twice'?
  2. The song 'bright eyes' featured in which hit movie?
  3. Which movie star played both Captain Ahab and Atticus Fich?
  4. In the ABBA song 'Dancing Queen' What night are they out "and the lights are low"?
  5. Alektorophobia is a fear of what?
  6. In judo what colour is the highest belt?
  7. Wha is the name of a yaht with two hulls?
  8. What is the time difference between America and Australia?
  9. Who plays Sharpay in HSM?
  10. Where do you think i got most of these questions from?

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Quiz topic: Test my Trivia skills!