How Well do You Know Bette

There are a lot of people out there who love Bette Midler (especially me) But do they know Bette Midler? This quiz will test their Bette Midler skills. Let's see if you can prove that your a Betteaholic...ready, set go!

Calling all Betteaholics! Come take this quiz!!! Do you know your Bette Midler trivia? You Think so, eh? Well, come take this test to see if you're a true betteaholic!

Created by: Julia
  1. When was Bette born?
  2. Where was Bette born?
  3. Delores Delago is the...
  4. What is the theme song to Bette's short lived sitcom?
  5. How many Academy Awards was Bette nominated for?
  6. Bette was in this Broadway show...
  7. What is the name of Bette's Charity?
  8. What is Bette's Daughters name?
  9. Bette did a voive over in this animated movie?
  10. What was one of Bette's very first jobs?
  11. Bette won a Razzie Award for worst performance in which movie?
  12. True or False, Bette turned down the lead role in Sister Act
  13. True or False, Bette called Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan "Wild and Woolly Sl*ts" for flashing their privates
  14. What is Bette's favorite curse word

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