Bette Midler Trivia

This is a quiz about Bette Midler. To her true fans, the questions should be easy. Although there are a few tough ones in there... (To those of you who don't like her, she said herself, "I'm not retiring and you can't make me!"

Are you an obsessed, die hard, know it all fan? Or are you just someone who happens to like the song "Wind Beneath My Wings" but knows very little (or nothing) about the Divine Ms. M? Well let's find out!

Created by: Ms. J

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  1. Where did Bette live as a child?
  2. Where does Bette currently live?
  3. In 1995, Bette founded an organization named which of the following?
  4. What is the name of her daughter?
  5. What's her dog's name?
  6. Who recommended that she sing the song "I'm Beautiful" on her 1998 album "Bathhouse Betty"?
  7. How long did she know her husband before she married him?
  8. What color was her wedding dress?
  9. She was married in what city?
  10. Late last year, (2006) she called which two girls "Wild and woolly sluts"?
  11. She supplied her voice for which of these Disney films

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