hannah montana trivia quiz

Many people love TV and watch it all the time but how about a quiz to test your skill. Are you up to the challenge if so try out my quiz and let's see how much of a TV addict you are in my Hannah Montana trivia quiz!

So bring your A game, it will help in my totally awesome quiz. You will need it in this Hannah Montana trivia quiz. Hope you have fun. It will be a test of your skills, TV addictiveness, and boredom

Created by: joseph of tv.com
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  1. What is hannah montana's name in real life (not her tv name)?
  2. Name hannah montana's family that came on the show (real names not tv names).
  3. What are miley's friends names on the show?
  4. Name 3 of her co-star (not real names)
  5. Name one of hannah's songs and one of miley.
  6. Who does hannah meet in the episode Grandmas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Play Favorites
  7. What color is hannah montana's hair?
  8. What color are miley's eyes?
  9. Who plays Lola Lafonda and Lilly Trescot
  10. How does lilly find out hannah montana is miley stuart her bff?

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