How native Montanan are you?

Many people have moved to Montana. Many people are moving to Montana. Let's see if we can separate the men from the boys, the women from the girls, the NATIVES from the wanna-be's. :^)

Are you a native Montanan? Have you lived here long enough to qualify as one? Or are you a newbie? Test your Montana state knowledge with this quiz...

Created by: amazon
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  1. What is the the name of the area in the far northern part of the state, from around Cut Bank to Culbertson?
  2. The 'national food' of the city of Butte is what Cornish item?
  3. The traditional football rivalry, which is one of the oldest college rivalry games in the US, is usually called...
  4. What is the name of the crazy, messed-up, accident prone, multi-street, multi-lane, multi-angled intersection in the middle of Helena?
  5. How many time zones are in Montana?
  6. What is Montana's state motto?
  7. Which of the following is NOT one of Montana's state nicknames?
  8. Flathead Lake in Northwestern Montana is what?
  9. Bozeman, Montana was named after which mountain man, guide and explorer?
  10. The quickest way from Helena to the Flathead Valley or Glacier park is not through Missoula, but through which part of the state?
  11. How do you pronounce 'Wibeaux' ?
  12. What is a WAPATI?
  13. Is the largest city in Montana also its capital?
  14. Which group of people did not settle in Montana in any significant way?
  15. Montanans traditionally make fun of which state/province?
  16. Montanans often say the worst, fastest, craziest drivers--especially on the interstate--from out of state are from where?
  17. What is the highest point in the state?
  18. Which of the following famous people are not from Montana?

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Quiz topic: How native Montanan am I?