How Arkansan are you?

Arkansans are truly one of a kind. Three quarters Southern, one part Midwestern, a native can identify what area another native is from by simply listening to the accent.

Are you a true Arkansan? Have you ever heard of Booger Hollow, Toad Suck, or Fifty-Six? Do you know the basics of living in this great state? Take this quiz to find out.

Created by: Mike Rose of n/a
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  1. Who is the biggest embarrassment to the state?
  2. Should all Razorback games be in Fayetteville, all in Little Rock, or should it stay the same?
  3. What is the main course at the annual supper in Gillett?
  4. Did you vote for Bill Clinton to get him out of the state?
  5. What does "LA" stand for?
  6. Is Northwest Arkansas a part of the South?
  7. Do you live on a gravel road?
  8. What month does modern gun for deer season start?
  9. Do you prefer oven-baked turkey or the deep-fried variety?
  10. Houston Nutt: Stay or go?
  11. Have you ever hit a deer with your vehicle?
  12. Is the traffic in Little Rock bad?
  13. Did your school ever have the opening weekend of deer season as a holiday?
  14. Do you live in a dry county?
  15. If you're a Hog fan, did you attend the UofA?
  16. Does slaw belong on pulled pork barbeque?
  17. Where does Northwest Arkansas begin?
  18. Who is Ronnie Floyd?
  19. Are there mosquitoes where you live?
  20. What part of the state has the best BBQ?
  21. Do you have gay friends?
  22. Ever been frog gigging?
  23. State bird?
  24. Ever been in a traffic jam because of farm equipment?
  25. Were you born in Arkansas?
  26. If you were born in this state, what region?

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