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  • This quiz sucked, being arkansan or not doesnt have ANYTHING to do with where you go to college, or who you vote for. It has to do with growing up on a poor farm and helping your daddy prune peaches in the summer when you're only 8 years old cause he afford help. It has to deal with sittn on the porch in late afternoons in summer, sipping grandmas speacial peach tea. Thats only some of it. You dont know anything you need to go back to whatever rock you crawled out from under.

  • 68%! My dad's side were some of the first settlers in this area of the country. They married the Cherokee indians they found and never left. They fought with the south, they did(and still do) have stills in the woods. There are whole areas where I can talk to anyone I see and find out they we are related. These are people I have never met. I knew an old man for years before it came up in conversation that he and my Grandma were brother and sister. He was my Great Uncle and I didn't even know it. My dad's sisters started a family tree and gave up when they found more than 120 first cousins. They gave up! My mom's family has been here for more than a hundred years and in parts, they are considered newcomers. I AM ARKANSAS. My dad's side are good old fashioned hillbillies and my mom's side has Rhoad Scholars and college proffessers. I am a hillbilly/genious hybrid. s--- like that only happens here. As far as Clinton goes, at least he wasn't Bush.

  • The author is clearly from Northwest Arkansas and part of the Anti- Red Wolf consparicy. The is no Southeast Arkansas. There is South Arkansas and the Delta. The Delta inclueds the cities of Helena, Forrest City, West Memphis, Wynne and Brinkley. Eudora, and Star City are in South Arkansas. I don't believe this guy has ever been to Helena.

    Lake City
  • This is totally ridiculous I live in Southeast Arkansas By all means I Am Lower la You're trying to Say that I live West of Little Rock The questions are not broad enough No one much relevance besides Indication of Fayetteville or Little As far as the football game

    Mister lower la
  • Oh, for Pete's sake. Lighten up! This was hilarious (if somewhat out-dated). I've lived in AR for 11 years, and I'm tired of the chip-on-the-shoulde r attitudes and the lack of interest in anything outside the state borders. Explore the world a bit! Folks help each other out in a wonderful way, but there's a dangerous tendency to be ignorant and proud of it! I got a 5%

  • I can truly say this test insulted my pride of being from the Diamond state.

    Whoever made this quiz, how dare you!

    You have no clue what living in Arkansas is like!

  • @floydandpat.. Lawl, dood, I was born and raised in Arkansas also. But seriously, if you're going to post something for people to see, don't you think you should at least use proper grammar? By the way, I'm 26%. I was hoping it would be 0%...

  • yea,it sucked.they didnt ask any of the good questions about arkansas.i dont have the pleasure of living there anymore and i swear my soul is drying up here in cold northern cali,what i would do to be out on the front pourch watching a killer thunder storm,wearing almost no clothes,ahawing like it was the 4th of july!a free place wherenobody owns the creakside and the dogs dont have to be on a leash all the time,and miss cathys home cookin!! and pork butts and prayers at the home football games the place is still SOO alive! i love arkansas!!!!

  • I was born in Tennessee, but people born and raised in Arkansas are the REAL rednecks! :D

  • I have never been an Arkansan. I'm and Arkansawyer. Always was. When did it change to Arkansan we have nothing to do with Kansas. Come on people....lets be Arkansawyers.

  • I think the author of this test assumes you have to be ignorant and hateful to be from Arkansas. Dead wrong.

  • I gave the best answers I could, but let me tell you, I am a true blue borned,raised and educatd in Arkansas.Ilive in southwest ar. 100 yards from where I was raised.that maked me mopre than 43 % arkie, don't you think?????

  • Born bred and proud! But, I'm no redneck! This quiz was stupid!

  • This test of SO wrong. I am not 32 % Arkansan and I am not from Texas!

  • I got 54% even though I was born here and lived here for 16 years, 17 years in 3 mounts. by the way I live in Searcy. GO LIONS!!!!!!

  • Lol I was born in Fayetville and only stayed in Arkansas for 5 years. Ah ain't no Texan! :P

  • I got 41% but it got the living in Little Rock part right...

  • My. Couny is best! Been i n jt my hole life. He awnser I got from the quiz was prety strait forward. Good job

  • we ARE arkansans --not "arkansawyers". geesh. how rednecky can anyone sound?


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