Which Part of Texas Are You From?

"I've spent much of my life trying, unsuccessfully, to explode the myths about Texas.... The fact is, it's a damned peculiar place.... Just by trying to be honest about it, one accidentally underlines its sheer strangeness." - Molly Ivins

Texas is as big as its reputation, and far more complex than many non-Texans give it credit for. What part of the Lone Star State do you live in? Take this quiz, and see if your answers match your address. [NOTE: the first two questions on age and gender are required by the quiz program; I cannot delete or change them, and they have no impact on the results.]

Created by: Eric Posa
  1. What is the best chain restaurant?
  2. What are people most likely to shout at your favorite sporting events?
  3. How is iced tea served at your local restaurants?
  4. What's most likely to grow near your home?
  5. What makes for good barbeque?
  6. Who's your favorite country singer?
  7. What do you drive?
  8. What else do you like to eat?
  9. What is most distinctive about the weather where you are?
  10. What non-Texas city feels most familiar to you?

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Quiz topic: Which Part of Texas am I From?