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Title IX Prohibits educational institutions from discriminating on the basis of sex in education programs or activities. Fayetteville State University is committed to equality in education, opportunity, and employment and does not discriminate based upon sex in its programs and activities.

To ensure Fayetteville State University's compliance with Title IX, the University has implemented polices to address issues relation to discrimination on the basis of sex. Know your policies.

Created by: Patricia Corey Bradley
  1. This is not an example of sexual harassment/misconduct.
  2. Denying scholarship opportunities to the volleyball team because you only budgeted for the football team is a Title IX violation.
  3. Patricia C. Bradley is the Title IX Coordinator, and she is available 24/7.
  4. According to the Title IX policy, once a report is made, how many days do they have to resolve the complaint?
  5. Which one of these is NOT an example of discrimination under Title IX?
  6. Treating people differently based on whether they are male or female is called:
  7. A man as well as a woman may be a victim of sexual harassment, and a woman as well as a man be the harasser.
  8. A student tells a faculty member that one of his class members is someone who assaulted him previously. What should the professor do?
  9. Which of the following are considered to be "responsible employees" under Title IX, meaning they are required to report allegations of sexual assault, discrimination, harassment of misconduct to the University? Select all that apply.
  10. A co-worker tells you that her ex-boyfriend (also an employee) is stalking her and leaving her threatening voicemail messages. Would this incident be covered by Title IX?

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