Are you a patriotic Arkansan? :)

This is a test to see if you're a good Arkansan, and by which I mean, how much do you know about Arkansas? You can find out here :) Filler space filler space

I apologize for the filler spaces. This is the first quiz I've made in a long time. I'm a banana I'm a banana ... Filler space >.> Dun feel like dancin buh da doo doo doo doo doo

Created by: Athena1191
  1. Quarterback from the hogs. Got drafted to Patriots.
  2. Did you pay attention in history class?! Native American tribe(s) that inhabited Arkansas:
  3. Have you ever been to Little Rock? (Not an important one)
  4. Is Harrison Arkansas racist?
  5. Is the law where one can't mispronounce the name Arkansas enforced?
  6. R all Arkansas hillbillies?
  7. Filler question
  8. Filler question 2.0
  9. C-c-c-c-combo breaker!
  10. Sorry for the fillers I couldn't come up with anything else!
  11. Bonus question: if you answer it wrong your score won't be affected: Which town in Arkansas has a festival where they drop turkeys from airplanes (the turkeys can fly by the way) (its also my home town :))

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Quiz topic: Am I a patriotic Arkansan? :)