How cliche are you?

I am going to assume that a lot of us are cliche even if we don't like to admit it. We all crave happy endings, for heroes to win, and for karma to come back around. What we forget is that cliches prevent progress.

Why is this? Well cliches overuse an idea to the point where the idea just loses its' meaning. There is nothing romantic, patriotic, or passionate about an idea that no longer has meaning. And it just keeps on going to the point where forget what originality is and we're stuck. Are you cliche?

Created by: LOSTinTIME
  1. A man meets a woman. They hate each other at first but after a certain amount of time they begin to slowly fall for one another. Circumstances and pride separate them for a period of time yet they are reunited later under different circumstances. They both realize how ridiculous they have been, get back together, and live happily ever after. Do you like this cliche?
  2. There's a guy who hasn't led the greatest life out there. He's either a down-on-his-luck kind of guy or just plain average. Someone comes along and tells him that he is the only one who can save the world and/or complete a grueling/impossible task. He doesn't believe at first but soon he realizes that he may be "the one." He battles for the first time--and loses. He loses faith in himself but when the situation calls for it he rises to the challenge and does what he previously thought he couldn't accomplish. Is this cliche?
  3. A girl walks into her apartment. She hears odd noises and decides to investigate. She opens her bedroom door and sees her boyfriend with another girl. Before she can fully process the sight she dashes away without anyone's knowledge. She assumes the worst. BUT it was just a misunderstanding. Her boyfriend was in the bedroom watching a domestic violence documentary--in which the victim enjoys pain--with his sister. Which explains the odd noises and the girl. Yet when the boyfriend tries to call the girlfriend she can't seem to forgive him. They get in a huge fight and break-up. Weeks later the girlfriend learns the truth and realizes it was all a huge misunderstanding. The boyfriend forgives her for assuming he was like that, and they get back together. Is this cliche?
  4. Is love our savior? And can it be our redemption?
  5. Should there always be a happy ending?
  6. Why are cliches so bad?
  7. Do you use cliches a lot in your general conversations, writings, and thoughts?
  8. Are cliches sometimes confused with traditional values? Aka the housewife etc.
  9. Do you think that your thinking leans on the cliche side?
  10. I'm going to assume that you're a teenager, if not, then bear with me. Are you anything like the cliche rebellious, lost teen that is so often portrayed in cinema?
  11. Have you ever been a victim to "puppy love?"
  12. I'm also going to assume that you have a gotoquiz account. Are you on constantly?
  13. Do you use a lot of teen lingo when you speak?
  14. If you have made any quizzes do you just throw in random stuff because you're bored?
  15. Well this is goodbye...Thanks for taking my quiz.

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Quiz topic: How cliche am I?