How emo are you? *I know its cliche....*

I know it's really cliche but yeahh how emo are you? your results can be either emo/goth/punk, normal, or preppy. i know nobody reads these things but if youre actually reading this leave a comment at the end telling me how bad you know this sucked.

yeah i still have no clue what im talking aobut and yeah...i hate preps. its a personal thing. no offense or anything its just that theyre really really stupid alot and they act really dumb and most of the time its not even an act. yeahh.... GO PUNKS/GOTHS/EMOS!!! yeahh i know im lame but its like 11:30 and im really really bored

Created by: Sheila

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. question numero uno: fave color *i know i know read teh title i get it*
  2. there is a blue one-story house that is all blue and everything inside of it is blue and anything that goes in or out of it is blue. what color are the stairs if everything is blue?
  3. What grades do you usually get in school?
  4. What store would you prefer a shopping spree to?
  5. What kind of shoes do you/would you like to wear?
  6. How much do you want to die? *again very cliche i know just shut up and answer the damn question*
  7. Your parents...
  8. How many times a day do you stop to check your reflection in a mirror/any reflective surface?
  9. What do you usually wear in terms of make-up?
  10. and your wardrobe consists of...

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Quiz topic: How emo am I? *I know its cliche....*