What High School Cliche are You?

Every high school (yes, even yours) (even mine) has those little divisions... geek, jock, popular, etc. And you know what everyone REALLY WANTS is to be in the popular group (even if they say they don't, there's still that part of them) so here's your chance to discover what group you actually fit in.

Think you know where you fit in high school? Think you know what cliche (loser, geek, etc) you are? Well, take this quiz and then think again (or, if you got what you thought, then... nevermind). Anyways, just take the quiz, okay?

Created by: Jordyn
  1. What is your favorite class? (Or, least-hated class.)
  2. High school, in one word is...
  3. What would you be voted in the yearbook?
  4. The last person you talked to on your phone?
  5. Money-wise, your family is...
  6. For girls: the last time you dyed your hair... For guys: your hair is...
  7. Are you a flirt?
  8. What's your favorite TV show (of the options given, I mean)?
  9. Music?
  10. You forgot to do your homework for English class. It was hugely important to your grade, so you...

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Quiz topic: What High School Cliche am I?