How cliche is your heroine?

This is a quiz to test how cliché and/ or Mary- Sue your female character (heroine) is. Though it still be used on male characters, but there is a male character cliche quiz. Remember this is just for fun.

So, are you ready to see if your character is cliché? If she is so perfect or boring that your reader's will hate her? NOTE: If you are unsure if it's a no or yes on some questions or don't see an answer that fits your heroine, choose the closest option.

Created by: Ascilia
  1. Is she a feminist warrior girl?
  2. Is she a "damsel in distress"?
  3. Is she raised by people who are not her parents and aren't related to her?
  4. The heroine is the... but doesn't know about it.
  5. Does she have mentor?
  6. The mentor...
  7. Does the heroine gain any magical powers?
  8. Is the heroine a Chosen One?
  9. Is the heroine...
  10. Is the heroine...
  11. Is the heroine...
  12. Does she go to a academy/ school to learn how to use her powers?
  13. Is the heroine a human from Earth that goes into another world?
  14. Is the heroine a human on Earth that has magical powers?
  15. Is the hero's love interest...
  16. Does she fall in love with her love interest...
  17. Does the heroine have an evil sibling?
  18. Does the heroine marry his love interest?
  19. Is the heroine related to the villain?
  20. Does the heroine manage to live in situations that would have killed any one else?
  21. The heroine is...
  22. Does she have a "family secret" that she doesn't now about?
  23. The heroine has a magical weapon...
  24. The magical weapon is a...
  25. Does the heroine have an angsty past?
  26. Does the hero learn anything hard in a matter of weeks?
  27. Does she have a special accessory?
  28. Is she one of the best for anything
  29. Is the heroine talented...
  30. Is she a dragon rider or something of the equivalent? The last of something powerful?
  31. Does the villain know of the heroine?
  32. Is the heroine part of any rebellion?
  33. Does the heroine win almost every fight?
  34. How much time passes between the beginning and end of the book/ series when the heroine is active and is the main character?
  35. Is she a complete fail in the beginning of the story, poor and only has one thing she is good, and then she becomes a master at something and suddenly everyone knows about her?
  36. On the contrary, is she famous and well known at the beginning and then everybody hates her or she becomes a fail or something similar?
  37. Is she running away from anything?
  38. Has she ever worked willingly for the villain?
  39. Is the heroine selfishly manipulative or sadistic (threatens self-harm, lies, blackmails, etc. in order to get her way)?
  40. How old is your character?
  41. Does she put other's interest before her's?
  42. Does she have more faults than strengths or more strengths than faults?
  43. Does she end up doing something bad on accident?
  44. Is there anything physically unusual about her? Like eyes?
  45. Is she a total fail, nothing about him changes throughout the whole story, and he has no powers?

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Quiz topic: How cliche is my heroine?