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  • I got 26%. I'm writing a story about a witch who only has a troubled past because she did something she wasn't proud of when she was in foster care. She has a traumatic encounter with a vampire where he takes her with him for 8 months and although he decides to let her live, he manipulates himself into her life. She gets the internship she wants but finds out it's his doing. She finds out her new boss is the vampire's brother but can't say anything because he somehow was able to control her into not saying anything. My story goes on and on but I like the ending and I think I could live with the cliche because it doesn't account for the things that are happening in the story.

  • I took this quiz while thinking of Bella Swan (Twilight.) Suprisingly, she got only a 49%. I would have expected higher.

  • I got like 28%, pretty chill but I'm not sure if it really applies to my girl. This is more of a like fairytale kinda thang but it's still fun

  • I got 31% which is kind of funny because she was raised in a conservative family, so i guess it makes sense.

  • Honestly I feel most of the questions weren't specific enough since I was using my BNHA OC, but it was a decent quiz!

  • 41 percent this is not accurate but i liked the quiz

    • Nice quiz overall. Some I was a bit confused to answer because she has a mentor but he's just a 25-year-old Mexican boy who the main character looks up to like a brother. And her younger sister is manipulated into becoming evil for a bit so

  • oof my character is asian bc the story is set in asia XD


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