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  • "Oh, bleep. I posted before I was done. Come to think of it, there is a spot that could arguably be considered a birthmark cen"
  • "I don't really have birthmarks."
  • Twilight
    "I'm not much of a fan, actually. I've always found something rather wrong with the series. I did read it, however, so that I knew what I was..."
  • So, Maximum Ride.
    "I've been on a reading spree recently, and finished books 3-8 between tuesday afternoon and this morning. I never did get his"
  • "I've read Distant Waves, and I loved it. But Invisible World doesn't ring any bells. I don't think my library has it."
  • Take You Home
    "The new album is very different. But that makes sense, I suppose. As a band, they're still young, and still searching for their sound. "
  • I have such dry skin...
    "Oily forehead and nose, somewhat dry everywhere else."
  • When is your birthday?
    "July fifteen. That's where my favorite number comes from."
  • "Hm... I like my long legs, and my big, long-fingered hands. And while my face isn't spectacular or breathtaking, it's still pretty. "
  • "All of my favorites: ravioli, sushi, chocolate, ice cream... I'd also go ahead and eat all of my childhood favorites: milanessa, empa"
  • "What I wear: jeans, tennis shoes/flat boots, fitted, plain T-shrts/button downs/polo shirts. Almost all of it in shades of blue, with the oc..."
  • Wikipedia
    "I use it along with at leat two other sites during research. once claimed that the Titanic sank after hitting a jell"
  • Kirbs!
    "That can't be good for the guitar..."
  • "I just about died of terror when that picture popped up."
  • "Well, I'd find some sort of hobby to do. I sing, write songs, play guitar, draw, paint, sculpt, read, write, knit... As long as you'r"

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