Famous: a love story (part 2)

Here comes the second part of Famous: A love story. Here, you have left your quiet home and are on board an airplane headed to LA. Let's see what sort of trouble we get into, shall we?

Created by: SilverBlueMoon
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  1. You sigh as you sweep a handful of damp hair out of your face. The plane is like an oven without the air conditioning, which the piolet refuses to turn on until the flight is in the air. You're regretting getting the Priority tickets. At that moment, you couldn't care less if you were the last to board the plane. At least the terminal had air conditioning.
  2. The thud of a suitcase being shoved into an overhead compartment jolts you out of your heat-induced trance. You look up, blinking rapidly to clear the glassy look from your eyes. A boy slides into the seat beside you. He's neither tall nor short. Though he is slender, he is not overy thin. He sweeps some light brown hair from his face and turns to greet you. His eyes are a muddy shade of olive green, not quite brown enough to be called hazel. "My name's Onyx," he tells you. "Thea," you tell him quickly.
  3. "So, where are you going?" Onyx asks you. "LA," you tell him proudly. "I'm headed over there as well!" he exclaims. "And now, I have to ask...why are you going?" "Oh, I act," you tell him smoothly. Onyx raises his eyebrows and smiles. "I see. I'm in entertainment myself," he tells you. "Do you act too?" you question. "Nope," he laughs.
  4. Onyx plugs a pair of ipod earphones into his ears and begins to listen. You strain to hear the music, but it's too quiet to make out more than the occasional drumbeat.
  5. Finally you can't take it anymore. "What are you listening to?" you demand. Onyx smirks. "Oh, Thea, I thought you'd never ask," he jokes as he passes an earbud toward you. You lean closer so that you can both listen to the song at the same the time. It's not quite a slow song, but almost. Sweet with just a tint of sadness, it pulls at your heartstrings. And there's something else. Something that you cannot quite place. "Do you like it?" Onyx asks. You gasp and sit up, ripping the earbus out of both your ears in the process. "It's you!" you exclaim. "You're a singer!"
  6. Onyx grins, his muddy green eyes glowing. "That I am, Thea, that I am." he laughs. You laugh too, though it really isn't all that funny. "Would you like to listen to some of my other songs?" Onyx asks you. "You have more?" you ask. You bite your lip, feeling like a fool the moment the words leave your mouth. But Onyx doesn't seem to care. he just hands you the headphones. You put them on and listen to all ten of his songs.
  7. After a while, the plane lands. You stand up, ready to leave. However, you're in the back of the plane, and the line to disembark is slower than rush-hour traffic in Washington, DC.
  8. "Hey, Thea?" Onyx asks, staring at you. "Yeah...?" you reply slowly. "Can I have your number?" he asks. You laugh, a smile forming on your face. "Sure," you respond. You fish a pen out of your purse and scribble your cell phone number and email address onto the crumpled, but clean, paper napkin you discover wadded up in the bag. Onyx grins as he takes the paper, just at the row in front of you empties.
  9. You pause by a Starbucks on your way to baggage claim, needing a caffine fix. You take a long sip of the coffee drink in your hand, admiring the sharp contrast between the bitter expresso and sickly-sweet hot chocolate.
  10. A loud, fangirl-sounding shriek sounds from further down the terminal, followed by a squeeled "I love you!" You blink, wondering what is going on. Shaking your head, you continue walking toward the baggage claim area. Along the way, you people-watch. You see a group of girls about your age giggling all by themselves. You see some exhausted-looking parents chaing after unruly children. Finally, you spot a pair of siblings making faces at each other. The boy looks to the the oldest of the two. You'd peg him to be ten or so. The girl looks about seven. They run up to a balding, middle-aged man weighed down with a bag that must weigh at least fifty pounds. They maka faces at his shocked face before turning around and running off. You can't help it; you laugh. You're tired after a long day, and the sight sets off something in your brain. You bite your lip to stop laughing, but that only makes you laugh harder. You duck your head, hoping that the people seeing you don't think you're totally insane. Suddenly, you bump into something.
  11. Or, not something, someONE, you realize, looking up. The boy in front of you is staring at you with a shocked, slightly annoyed expression on his face. A tiny splatter of your dark brown drink drips from the chest of his white shirt. He is dressed in light colored clothing-pale kahaki pants and a white, form-fitting T-shirt. Just by looking at it, you can already tell that the stain will never leave the shirt. Your mortified gaze travels upward slowly to see his face. The boy has pale golden hair and deep blue eyes. He's classically handsome. But that's not what stops you cold. The fact is, you know this face. You've seen it countless times projected on a movie theater screen. it's none other than Aiden, one of your favorite actors. As if to emphesize the revelation, the group of fangirls decends at that precice moment. "Oh my gawd," squeels one. "What did you do to him? Aide, sweetheart, are you alright?" "I'm going to kill you!" gasps the second girl. "You can't do that!" "It has to be a crime, spilling coffee on someone like him," hisses a third. You have a really bad feeling in your gut. They can't do anything that bad with security watching, can they?
  12. Aiden notices the death-glares the fangirls are giving you adn steps between you. "Whoa, whoa, it's okay, really," he tells them. "I'm still alive, aren't I?" "Yes, but-your shirt!" gasps one of the girls, ripping my napkins out of my hands and dabbing at the chocolate on his shirt. My eyes widen, but Aiden doesn't even seem to notice what the girl is doing. Instead, he asks the fangirls what their names are. "I'm like...like...Kerry," she laughs. "I think." "I'm Brianna," murmurs the one cleaning his shirt in an attempt to flirt. The third girl grins maniacally. "I'm Jordyn," she tells him through her smile. She pauses, then laughs. "And I know who you are already." Aiden raises an eyebrow. "Do you now?" he asks. "Imagine that." he writes each girl an autograph and sends them on their way.
  13. Aiden turns to face you. The smile on his face is a little more forced now that you're alone. "And who are you?" he questions you. You shrink back, wanting to be anywhere but there. "Uh...I'm Thea," you tell him. "And what made you plow into me, Thea?" Aiden asks. You don't know if he is teasing you or if he truly is angry. "Oh, I was trying to stop laughing," you tell him pathetically. As you think about how ridiculous that sounds, a smile forms on your face. Seconds later, you're laughing. Aiden joins in almost instantly, though his laughter is quieter, not quite as relaxed as you.
  14. You finally manage to calm down. Once sober, you turn to face him. "I am sorry about your shirt," you tell him. "Don't be," Aiden tells you. "I could buy ten more if I wanted to." "Oh. That's...convient..." you say, at a loss for words. You glance at the clock on the far wall and wince. "I really have to go pick up my bags before they remove them," you say. Aiden nods. "Sure. You do that." You wave. "Bye," you murmur, ever so brilliantly. "See you around-maybe," he calls after you. You turn around, but he's already occupied with another fan.
  15. You make it to the baggage claim area. Your luggage is still there, spinning around in circles, but you're all alone. All of the other passengers have already left. You sigh, hoisting your heavy bags behing you and heading outside. You call a cab and ride to the apartment you rented online. All you want to do is sleep.
  16. I know it took much longer than I hoped, but here is the second chapter of the story! I hope you liked it. I know there are grammatical errors, but I am far too tired and lazy to go back and correct them. Surely they didn't hinder the reading too much.

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