Famous: a love story (part 1)

Alright, here is the first installment of my new love story. It was based off of my own desire to become famous, which I hope will occur within the next year.

Now, this is my first love story, and in fact, my first series on GoToQuiz. So please, no hate-remarks. I'm new and just learning the ropes. Well, I need to fill the space up, so...oh, wait, never mind. 150 accomplished.

Created by: SilverBlueMoon

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  1. Well, hello there! (Oh, gods of Olympus, that sounded creepy) Anyway, this is the first installment of the new love story I'm thinking of writing.
  2. Since I'm new to this whole thing, my stories may be far from excellent. So, if you have any ideas, let me know!
  3. You're flopped on your stomach on your bed, feet hanging over the pillow and face buried in your computer. "Come on," you say, urging your laptop to connect to the internet.
  4. "Yes!" you cry as your email finally loads. You type in the password as fast as you can and lean closer to the bright screen
  5. You scan through the list of new messages, hoping, hoping, that the one you've been waiting for is there.
  6. You twirl a strand of black-brown hair around your finger as you read the message. Your stomach clenches, and you can't breathe.
  7. A scream erupts from your throat, followed by a huge grin. "I did it, I did it!" you yell, running around the room. "I'm going to be famous!"
  8. Once you manage to calm down slightly, you read through the details of the email. It turns out that the casting directors loved your audition for the movie.
  9. Filming starts a month from now, but the producers want you to be at the studio in two weeks. Two weeks-fourteen days. It's a lifetime. It's a moment.
  10. You wander around your room, thinking about what you need to pack for the trip. Clothes, yes, and perhaps a little makeup, though you rarely wear any. And of course you'd go insane without your ipod and laptop computer.
  11. Finally, you flop onto the bed, all of your belongings strewn out around you. A final, shocked laugh escapes you as you close your eyes.

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