A one direction love story part 8

Heyyy! So this is an all Zayn part! I will admit its probably one of my worst parts EVER! But it's stillbor too bad! Anywho, enjoy the quiz! Love y'all!

**Re-cap** In the last part you had a date with Harry. Things got crazy when you got drunk! Let's just say JB, Selena Gomez, having fun, and Johny Depp!

Created by: Jhawkgirl12
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  1. Howdy! So I'm back from my trip now! Yay! But awww! Anyways this part I honestly sorta think it sucks. I'm sorry! But I had no idea wha to do. So have fun reading! (the re-cap is in the first two paragraphs!)
  2. You wake up with a rush. Then suddenly you realize what happened a just yesterday! You had taken a nap after Harry drove you home. And today you get to have a date with Zayn! You weren't sure what you were going to do exactly so you just straightened your hair and put on something nice, but not too nice.
  3. You Text Zayn asking him when he's picking you up and he replies with 'at 4:30 pm.' Well it's already about 3:00 and you were already ready so you just watched some TV. Suddenly you saw on television One Direction being interveiwed. You turn up the volume and listen in. The news cast ladies name is Julia and she has a piece of paper in her hands. She's wearing a blue suit, but for a lady. "So. First off I think everyone here would like to know, who here is single?" Julia asks. "well, it's sort if complicated right now." Liam says. "yeah and we can't exactly explain it because it would cause something." Louis says.
  4. What? Why were they saying "it's complicated"? I mean I guess it is sort of complicated but they don't say that over live television! Anger somewhat boiled inside of you. You realized that you couldn't possibly have all five of them! You start to tear up but then stop. No, you need to stay strong. On the last day the boys are here, then you would choose. Suddenly Julia said "thanks for watching! Tune in at 11:00!" You check your phone, 4:00. Zayn will be here soon.
  5. **Time Forward to 4:30** 'Ding Dong!' "Hey mom! My friends are here! Bye!" you yell. You grab your jacket and your phone and head out the door. Zayn gives you a hug and a kiss and takes your hand. He leads you to the car, and again, Paul is driving you guys. Zayn helps you into the car and shuts the door. "so. What are we doing today?" you ask. "that's a suprise. Infact, you have to put this on." Zayn says. He hands you a blindfold. "alright, but no funny business." you say. You and Zayn laugh and Zayn nods.
  6. You put the blindfold on. About twenty minutes passed and your still in the car! You are starting to get really bored so you bring up the interview topic. "so I saw your interview today." you say. "you did?!" Zayn says nervously. "yeah. And about that it's complicated thing..." you trail off. "I wasn't even a part of that! I didn't want them to bring that up yet because you haven't chosen anyone yet." Zayn replies quickly. "but, what if I don't choose any of you?" you ask. "then I'd be okay with that. It's your decision, not mine." Zayn replies.
  7. "we're here," Zayn says after a long silence. He helps you out of the car and walks you into some place. It must be big. And he takes you to sit in a seat. You feel around and feel a bunch if seats next to you. Then you hear Zayn say "alright. Take off the blindfold." He says it sort of loud. And it kind of echoes. You take off your blind fold and gasp.
  8. "Oh my gosh! You did this all for me?!" you yell. Zayn is on the stage with a guitarist and a drummer. He's holding a microphone in his hand. Suddenly he starts singing 'Everything about you'. You get up and start acting like your at one of their concerts. Then Zayn waves for you to come up on stage. He starts dancing with you and singing 'What makes you beautiful'. Then he sings 'One Thing'. By the end of that song you kissed him a billion times and then hugged him.
  9. "thank you thank you thank you!!!" you scream. "that was nothing." Zayn says. "Nothing? Well it sure was something to me!" You reply. Then Zayn grabs a microphone stand and the microphone. He puts the mic on it's stand and sets it infoint of you. "What? No, no. I can't sing very well." You say. "Yes you can." Zayn replies. "how would you know?" You ask. "too shay." Zayn replies. "come on. Just one song?" "mmmmmmm, fine." You reply. You groan.
  10. You start to sing 'Tell me a lie'. "can't ever get it right. No matter how hard I try. And I've tried. Well I put up a good fight. But your words cut like knives, and I'm tired..." you start. "as you break my heart again this time... Tell me I'm a screwed up mess! That I never listen listen! Tell me you don't want my kiss! That you need your distance distance. Tell me anything but don't you say I'm what your missin baby. If he's the reason that your leaving me tonight, spare me what your thinking. Tell me a lie." You sing. Then you stop. "that's all I'm singing." You say. "But it was so good!" Zayn replies. "be honest Zayn." You say. "Okay. It was great. And another thing, I like it when you say my name." Zayn says. You both laugh.
  11. "wanna get some dinner?" Zayn asks. "sure." you reply. You both go back to the car and this time, you don't have a blindfold on. You were inside some theatre. You couldn't really tell where you were. You two drove off back into town. When you got there you ate at Nandos which made you think of Niall. 'I haven't seen Niall in a long time!' You think. Suddenly your attention is drawn back to Zayn when he asks you what you wanted to eat. You ordered and went to go sit down. You sat at a booth and waited for Zayn. While you were waiting you were checking your messages on your phone. You got a voicemail from Liam. It said: 'Hey ____! Harry gave me your number! I was wondering if you maybe wanted to do something tomorrow? Just text me or call me as soon as possible! Bye!' you decide to call him back. "Hello?" Liam asks when he answers the phone. "Hey Liam! It's _____!" You say. "Hey! You got my message right?" Liam asks. "yeah. And I wanted to call you back and say that I'd love to do something to tomorrow!" You say. "Great! I'll pick you up at noon." Liam says. "okay! See ya at noon!" you say. "bye love." Then Liam hangs up.
  12. "hey! Who were you talking to?" Zayn asks. You turn your head to see Zayn setting down the tray and sitting down. "my mom. She wanted to know when I would be home. I told her soon." You reply. You didn't want to say it was Liam and and he asked me out because Zayn might get mad. "well I guess if she's so worried then I will just take you home after we eat." Zayn says. You nod and start to dig in!
  13. After you eat Paul drives you and Zayn back to your house. Zayn gives you a kiss and a big hug. "See ya later love." He says. You walk inside and go straight to bed. You were just that tired!
  14. I'm sorry if it sucked... I promise you the next one is wayyyy better! And there is a ton of drama coming. So be ready! Also I think I'm starting another series... With people that have like super powers and all. So basically an every day love story quiz. XD bye now!

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