A one direction love story part 6

Hey there! First of all I just want to say all of you guys are super amazing! And I love you all! So this part is all about Louis! In the second paragraph I will say more...

...hey! I'm back again! So this is actually a super good part in my opinion! I mean all of them are but this just has that certain something...! Love ya and enjoy! ;)

Created by: Jhawkgirl12
  1. Hey! So I happened to have some wifi when I finally got to my cabin! This is an all about Louis part so I'm sorry but there's no other boys in this! Also this isn't a multiresult quiz! Instead it's about how much you love Louis! Enjoy! ;)
  2. **Re-cap** so you went shopping with the boys and got a new stove! Also the boys had to leave. T.T but on the bright side you still get to see them some! :)
  3. The evening the boys left you texted Harry the whole time and he gave you the rest of the boys' numbers. You decided you would also text Louis since he wanted to go to the movies sometime.
  4. You and Louis' conversation: You: Hey Louis! It's _____! Louis: hey! How did u get my number? You: Harry gave it to me. Louis: oh so what's up? You: we'll I was just about that date we were planning Louis: well just to let you know I'm picking you up tomorrow at 6:30 You: okay! I'm exited! I'm tired so I'll see ya tomorrow! Louis: bye! Sleep tight! ;)
  5. And so then you did as you said you would you layed down and fell asleep. The next morning you woke up and did the usual eggs and bacon, but this time you didn't almost burn down the house! Walking around the house makes you miss the boys a ton. At least you get to see Louis tonight. And maybe the others again tomorrow! Suddenly you get really sad because you realize that you only have a little less than a week with the boys.
  6. The res of your day goes by pretty quick because all you do is take naps and watch TV. Suddenly it's already 5:00! 'Oh crap! I have to go get ready!' you think. You run upstairs and take a shower, brush your teeth, straighten your hair, put on a little makeup. You wear...?
  7. After you get ready it's already 6:20 so you go downstairs and grab your bag (or purse) and some extra makeup just in case. Suddenly you hear the doorbell ring. You open the door and see Louis dressed up in a costume! He's wearing a blonde wig and a tux! You can only tell its him by his face. He has a dozen rises and hands them to you. "hey gorgeous." he says. "hey! Oh my gosh I can't believe you look like that Louis!" you say. "the names James. James Bond." Louis says with a wink. "well okay James. Let's go!" you say. You take his hand and he leads you to a car. When you get inside Louis sits in back with you.
  8. "whose driving?" you ask. "Oh I got Paul to drive us around because I can't drive." Louis replies. You both just start giggling. After talking in the car for about 10 minutes the car stops. You hops out and helps you out then shuts the door. "thank-you kind sir." you say sarcastically. "The pleasure is mine young ladie." Louis says then bows.
  9. You both walk in and Louis buys some movie tickets to any movie you wanted. While he does that he gives you some money to get popcorn and some drinks. When you get to the concession stand the guy there keeps flirting with you and keeps asking you for your number. You try to ignore him, but it doesn't work.
  10. "come on baby. Maybe we could get together sometime." The guy says. "for the 30th time, NO. Now can I just get some popcorn and two medium cokes?" You ask. "Only for a kiss." The guy says.you read his name tag. It says 'Derek'. Derek comes out from behind the concession stand and grabs your waist. "get away from me you creeper!" you yell. You try to push him away but his grip is strong.
  11. "hey, what do you think your doing?" You hear Louis yell. You look over to see Louis, his face is blood red. "me and this young lady are just having some fun." Derek says. "well she's my girl and she said for you to leave her alone!" Louis yells. "oh so she's your girl?" Derek asks. Then he kisses you!
  12. You pull away and slap him. He gets really mad and pulls his hand up to slap you. You close your eyes, ready for the pain. It never comes. You open your eyes and see Louis had grabbed Derek's fist. Derek drops you and punches Louis. You fall to the ground and bang your head really hard. You yell in pain. Louis punches the guy back and keeps punching him until he falls to the ground. Derek grabs Louis' leg and pulls him down and punches Louis again. Derek was just about to punch Louis again when the manager comes over.
  13. "just what do you think your doin eh?" The manager asks. The manager tells Derek he's fired and kicks you and Louis out of the theatre. You look at Louis once you've gotten outside. His face is all bloody and bruised.
  14. "Louis." you say. You hug him tight and kiss his cheek. He just hugs you tighter. After hugging you call Paul on his phone to have him pick you two up. Paul keeps trying to ask a bunch of questions but you just tell him he will find out when he picks you guys up. When Paul gets to the theatre he runs out of the car and goes up to Louis. "oh my god! What did you get yourself into now?" Paul asks worried. You tell Paul everything that happened and Paul just tells you two to get n the car. When you get in the car you start to clean Louis up some. "you didn't have to do that you know." you say. "yeah I did. Your my girl! What was I supposed to do? Watch him harass you? Hell no!" Louis says. His face gets red again. You lean I and kiss him on the lips. He immediately calms down and kisses you back. When you finally pull away Louis says "if I could I would of done so much more to that guy." "and he would have done so much more to you too." you reply. "I'm just happy your okay." "did he hurt you at all?" Louis asks. "not really. My head just hurts because he threw me onto the floor. But I'm okay now." you reply. He just shakes his head. The rest if the ride is silent. Louis takes you home because both of you were tired and you wanted to give Louis a break.
  15. In the middle of the night you wake up. Something keeps hitting your window. You look at the clock, 2:13 am. 'what the heck?' you think. You look outside your window. Nothing. You open it up and yell "hello?" then you see Louis standing in your yard. "Louis? What are you doing here?" you ask. "I had to see you again. Besides we never really got to finish our date." he says. "be right back." you say. You close your window and run downstairs. You open the front door and let Louis inside.
  16. You give Louis a kiss and hug him. "so what do you mean finish outer date?" you ask Louis. "well we never got to watch that movie." Louis says with a wink. You and him go up to your room and put the movie 'Monsters vs. Aliens' in. You both get under your covers and snuggle up together and watch the movie. About a third of the way through the movie you fall asleep.
  17. ** The next morning** You wake up all alone in your room. Louis probably left last night because if the boys knew he came over and fell asleep with you last night they would be super mad at Louis. You do your usual morning routine and this time eat some toast with some cereal and milk. While your eating your cereal you get a phone call. You look at your phone to see its Harry.
  18. CLIFFHANGER!!! Hehehe! *laughs evily* So the next part will be with Harry! And it will have some ***Harrys point of veiw*** bye!

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