One Direction love story (part 2)

This is the second part of my 1D story. I really don't have much more to say. D: Sorry. ZZZZZAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYNNNNNNNNN MMMMMAAAALLLLLLLLIIIIIIKKKKKK.

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  1. As Zayn is carrying me off the stage, I can see him mouthing something to the boys. "Ok what is going on?" I say. "Oh nothing, just a surprise." Zayn replies back. Harry smiles at Zayn and nods. I'm very curious of what's going on. As Zayn is still carrying me, he goes a different direction than the rest of the boys. He puts me down and holds my hand as we walk to a door. "Zayn, what are we doing? I have to get back to my mom and Graci." I tell him. We walk out the door and it's raining. Not a big surprise for Seattle. "Close your eyes." Zayn tells me. I close my eyes as he leads me somewhere. It's windy and cold, but I don't care. "Open your eyes." Zayn says. I open my eyes and see that he lead me to the rooftop. I look over the city and see the Space needle and all the lights surrounding me.
  2. "Aw ZAYN! This is amazayn!" I smile at say to him. He laughs and pulls me close to him. He kisses me and wraps his arms around me. "If your uncomfortable with this you can go. I know we just met, it's just that you seem so amazing. As cheesey as that sounds." Zayn says. "No, this is my dream." I reply. As I look over the city I'm thinking about asking for his number because I do need to get back to Graci and mom. "Zayn, can you at least bring me to my seat? I need to tell my mom that we are going to hang out. That is, if you want to." I tell him. He nods his head yes and leads me down the steps. This night couldn't get any better.
  3. So we are walking in the busy halls of the building, staff members running around all over the place, Louis running around all over the place eating a carrot. I'm walking to where all the seats are and I see Graci and Harry kissing on a couch. I'm very confused. "Um, hello." I kinda yell. "Oh. Your mom left. I told her that the boys are talking us home since Harry offered." Graci replies. "She was ok with that?" I ask. "Yep. Bye." She says continuing to kiss Harry. I don't really know what to do so Zayn and I go and hang out in the greenroom.
  4. "That was...awkward." I mutter under my breath. Zayn's pacing around the room, glancing at me. Whenever I look at him though, he looks at his feet. It's like he's embarrassed to talk to me. I know he's super shy, but he just took me away from my mom and friend for the night just to hang out with me and kiss me and take me up to a roof. "I'm getting restless in this room. Let's go introduce you to the boys." Zayn suggests. "OK!" I say excitedly. I'm super excited to meet the rest of them because I just LOVE them all! We walk out of the greenroom hand in hand and see Louis throwing his fake pigeon Kevin at Niall and screaming "KEVIN LOVES YOU!" This immediately makes me start cracking up while Zayn just sees it as a normal occurance.
  5. "Louis! Get over here you retard!" Zayn yells at Louis. Louis looks over shouts "Just a second!" and retrieves Kevin. Hey runs over very excitedly and says "HEY! I'm Louis." He hugs me. I love how open they are. "Rae. It's awesome meeting you." I smile. Zayn looks around like he's super bored and says, "OK, on to Niall." We walk over to Niall sitting on a couch texting, fixing his hair because he had a fake pigeon thrown in it. "Hey Niall, this is my girlfriend Rae." Zayn tells him. Those words hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn't think he already thought of me as his girlfriend, I'm not sad or mad about it, just surprised. "Oh, hello." Niall says in his Irish accent. He's extremely polite. I'm kinda looking around, taking in all the sights of the building. Zayn and I walk away to look for Liam. "Liam! Where are you?" Zayn yells. We run into him just walking around the halls with his girlfriend Danielle Peazer. "Liam this is my girlfriend Rae." Zayn introduces me to Liam. "And this is my girlfriend Danielle." Liam says to me. Danielle kind of glares at me so I glare back. Zayn sees me and laughs. "I'm getting bored here. Wanna go out on the town?" Zayn asks me. "Sure!" I reply back.
  6. "Oh wait, um, I need to talk to the boys about something real quick. I'll be right back." Zayn tells me and kisses my forehead. "Ok." I smile back. I walk around aimlessly and find Graci. "Hey, what are you doing?" I ask her. "Zayn texted Harry that he wanted to talk to him. So he left." She says. I think about what he could possibly want to be talking about. Is it serious? Is it about me? All these questions are running through my head in kind of a panicky attitude.
  7. I'm pacing thinking about all those questions when all of the boys come back. Graci runs to Harry and I just stay standing there, motionless, anticipating the thing that Zayn had to talk about with the boys. He walks over and puts his hands around my hips affectionately. "Is something wrong?" I ask him. "No, we just have a big question to ask you. Don't panic, it's really cool." He reassures me. I smile and look up into his caring brown eyes. They look so sweet, so mysterious. Like he's hiding something. It's probably that question that he needs to ask me.
  8. "We want to leave before we ask you though. Where do you want to go?" Zayn asks me. "I don't care, where ever you want to go." I tell him with a smile. The pressure is eating away at me and I'm freaking out. We walk out the building with the rest of the boys hand in hand to a limo. We go in the very back so we can kind of be alone. I look up at him and ask him "Do you really consider me your girlfriend?" "Of course! I know it's sudden, but something just...clicked. I know that sounds cheesey, but it's true. Do you consider me your boyfriend already?" He asks me back with a concerned, almost upset, tone in his voice. "Yeah" I smile at him and kiss him. He kisses me affectionately, it's comforting. I really want to know what that question is still. I hope that's all he wanted to ask me.
  9. We arrive at a restaurant in downtown when we all pile out of the limo. We walk in and people are freaking out, cameras are flashing and I hear a scream of teenage girls at the back of the restaurant. We reserve the special rooftop dining area and start walking up there. We all sit around a large table and all the boys are looking at me, on the spot. I don't like having all the attention, but this is ok. "Rae, we have something huge to ask you." Niall says. They all nod their heads in approval when I look at Zayn with wide eyes. "Will you go on tour with us?" He asks me. I sit there motionless, smiling. Considering what to say. "My answer is..."
  10. That's the end of my part two to my One Direction love story. I really hope you liked it and to all those people who read my first one I thank you and apologize that this one came out so late! Please don't forget to rate and comment! Thanks! Love always, Rae

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