Your amazing love story part 6

So I haven't been on since December so I'm really sorry if it wasn't the best... But anyways, chickens are cool and I have no idea what to say!!! Lol.

So I seriously don't know what to say but I'm thinking about starting a new series called "one direction love story" or something like that so just look for that sorta thing! Thanks! ;)

Created by: Brenna
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  1. *after math class* "hey, ---! Wait up!" you turn around only to find nathan! "hey, what's up?!" you reply. "we'll I was thinking about Sking someone out..." he says. You hope it's you. "ok, who is it?" you ask. "it's...
  2. Veronica." he answers. "I thought you didn't know Veronica though?" you ask. "yeah, but i dont know you either! You brought up a good point, so I thought they! What the heck!" he says. "so, you wanna ask her out?" you ask. "I think I am, but I wanted some advise from you!" he says.
  3. Before you even say a word, he's gone and talking to some other friend. It's time for history and just as you turn to go to your locker you see Gavin... Holding some girls hand!!! You think...
  4. "hey, ---! Can we talk?" he asks. So you two go out into the courtyard. "who was that?" you ask as soon as you sit down. "that's Hilary." he replies. "and why were you holding her hand?" you ask. "because she my new girlfriend." he answers. "you and me had some good times, but I know you are falling for the other guys." you say...
  5. "listen, I don't want you to take this too hard." he says. Then kisses you! You back away. "but you have a girlfriend!!!" you yell. "so, you and me can still have something going!" he answers. "i dont think so. And not ever again." you say and walk away. But he grabs your arm and kisses you again!
  6. You slap him and try to run! But he keeps coming back to you! You keep telling him to stop but he just won't! So Kenneth runs outside and pushes Gavin down!
  7. Okay... So I know it's been like six months until I wrote the last part... BUT I hope I can still keep going til da end!
  8. *back to story*... You pull away from the kiss and run, you don't know where to but you run. You kept hearing Gavin yelling your name, but you never looked back.
  9. Suddenly your out of breathe and can't go any farther. So you stop and realize your in almost the middle of nowhere. You sit down under a tree by the road and just cry.
  10. Then you hear a whoosh noise. You look up to see...
  11. CLIFFHANGER! Im super sorry this wasn't the best one ever... But I just remembered this series I made... 6 MONTHS LATER! Anyways... Part 7 shall be out soon!

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Quiz topic: My amazing love story part 6