Your amazing love story part 5

This one has another mystery! Is it Dean, Nathan, Gavin, or Kenneth?! Take the quiz to find out! And in this you have an intense moment with Dean! ;)

So far most of you like Kenneth and Dean! I can understand! But Dean has such a temper! I'm so suprised everyone loooooves him!!!! Syst tuned for part 6!

Created by: Jhawkgirl12

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  1. Where was I? Oh yeah! He leans in and...
  2. ...then he let's go of you! You're falling and falling when suddenly your about to land on the ground and someone catches you! Your not sure who yet because you thought you were gonna die so you closed your eyes. It's Kenneth! Thank god! "haha I'm just messin around!" he says as he outs you down. You start to hit his shoulder because your mad that he scared you like that! "I'm sorry! I just HAD to do that!" he says. Then outta nowhere he kisses your cheeks and flys away!
  3. You're walking home because Kenneth kinda ditched you when you see Dean. He's practicing football in a random field. He's kicking the football as hard as he can. He looks mad. "Dean? Can we talk?" you ask him. "why? So you can kiss me and tell me your not ready for a relationship then do giggly little waves at Gavin?!" he was yelling now. "I wasn't giving him giggly little waves!" you say. He just keeps kicking the ball ignoring you.
  4. "you know the only reason I'm talking to you is because I still love you." he tells you. "well so does Gavin, and Nathan, and Kenneth!" you tell him. "ya, I know that but they dont love you the way I do." he tells you. "then why are you mad at me all the time?!" you ask. "I don't know. I can't control myself!" he replies. "well I don't know if I could live with someone who. Ant control their own temper!" you yell. It's starts to rain. He's still kicking the footballs. "Dean, I didn't mean it like that!" you yell at him. He turns to you and gets close. "well it sure sounded like you did." he says. "well I didn't, I still love you too but with all the people liking me, I'm not sure who I should pick." you say. Then suddenly you realize you guys are kissing.
  5. He pulls away and starts kicking the football again. "you aren't going to tell me you don't want a relationship now are you?" you say joking. He looks at you and smiles. "I know I'm a jerk a lot but I normally don't mean to be." he says. "it's okay." you reply. Since its raining you tell him you have to leave. You give him a kiss then head home.
  6. *math class the next day* "So Nathan, I never got to see the note you started writing to me yesterday." you say with a smile. He blushes. "It wasn't that important." he says. "or maybe it was..." "writers write it on another paper!" you tell him. Suddenly you look at Nathan and he's looking at Veronica. You look at Veronica and she blows him a kiss.
  7. You get out a peice of paper and say 'what's up with you and Veronica?' he replies 'I don't know she keeps flirting with me and blowing me kisses!' 'well do you like her?' you write. 'I'm not sure... I don't really know her.' he says. 'but you don't really know me either.' you reply. Then class starts.
  8. Will Veronica take Nathan? IDK! You will just hate to take part 6 to find out!
  9. So far who do you like?
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Quiz topic: My amazing love story part 5