Your amazing love story part 1

This is a quiz where it tells your love story and who you spend your life with! So far there's Dean, Nathan, Gavin, or Kenneth. But will there be more?

So this one was only my first and I promise it will get wayyy better!!! Geese I hate these paragraphs... Pizza, green, slushie, magic, cube, pooh, and idk!

Created by: Brennzadoodles24

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  1. You wake up from the sound of your alarm clock, it's a Monday so you have to go to school. You ride the bus to school because your parents have to work, ALOT! when you go on the bus you see that your friend is already sitting with someone else :(. She mouths "sorry" and continues her conversation with the girl she's sitting with. You look around and the only seat left is the one next to a new guy that has short dark brown hair and brown eyes. You...
  2. You say the last one... Sorry if you didn't! "hi, can I sit here?" you ask him. He looks up at you and says "oh! Yeah sure!" his eyes could just make you melt! "hi I'm ____, and you are?" you ask. "dean, nice to meet you." then he imediently looks away once you make eye contact. So the rest of the way to school is silent.
  3. When you finally get to your school you walk out of the bus, but trip before you reach the door. "oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" you look up to find a really cute guy with dark brown hair up in a small Mohawk.
  4. "that's okay." you say. He hands you his hand and helps you up. "I'm Gavin by the way." he says. You stare at him for a while. Suddenly you realize that you are and look away. 'he probably thinks I'm some creep' you think. "and you are?" he asks. "oh! Sorry, I'm _____." "cool. So see ya around?" "yeah." you reply. Then he walks away.
  5. You look at your schedule... Ugh, you have math :(. As your walking in the hall to math someone taps your shoulder. You turn to see someone new. He has Justin Bieber dirty blonde hair and dark brown eyes. "hi, can you help me find..." *looks at paper* "math with mrs.cooper?" he asks. "sure, I'm _____ by the way." you say. "Kenneth. Now we better go before the bell rings." he relies. "right." you say. You two take off to room 703. When you go in Kenneth sees someone he knows and says thanks and leaves. You sit at the first seat you see. It ends up being next to someone with blonde hair and emerald eyes.
  6. "hi." you say. "hi, I'm Nathan." he replied. "I'm _____." then mrs.cooper starts to write a problem on the board. You both look up because that means class has started.
  7. After math you go to all your regular classes. And finally, IT'S LUNCH! You see amber (your BFF from the bus) and sit next to her. She's sitting next to someone that look familiar... IT'S GAVIN! "I told you I would see you around!" he says when he sees you sit down. You whisper to Amber "why are we sitting with him?" and she replies "I didn't tell you! Me and him are dating now!" you look over at him, shocked really! He's pretty popular so you didn't think he would fall for Amber! Not that she's not pretty... It's just she's kinda... Not cool.
  8. Before you can say anything else someone taps your shoulder. It's Dean. "Hi ____, can we talk... In private?" he asks. "sure?" you say. He takes your hand and leads you outside to the football field where you sit under a tree.
  9. CLIFFHANGER!!! I know this quiz sucked but it will get better, I promise! ;)
  10. Last question, who do you like so far?

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Quiz topic: My amazing love story part 1