Somebody Special Part 10

*PLEASE READ* So I've decided to use just a little amount of supernatural power in the story. Just a bit because I'm facing a terrible phase of writer's block, but it's not in this one. Anyways, DO YOU WANT A PART IN THE STORY? Details in the result! Thanks for taking Somebody Special Part 10 :D

Taylor looks similar to Nick Santino,He has dimples, brown hair, he's tall and skinny, and he likes reading and drawing. Jerimiah is your best friend in the story. He has amazing skin, glasses that look adorable on him, and black flippy hair. He's hilarious and is an amazing singer. Dakota tends to wear his nerd glasses everywhere. He has brownish/black hair and has perfect teeth. Even if he doesn't look like it, he's really smart. & not to mention he's cute! Elijah is more of the athletic type. He has piercing blue eyes and brown hair, along with an irresistable charm. Jay is more of the musical type. He can play guitar and has black hair with some blonde highlights. He has dimples aswell and beautiful eyes. Matt is a new character with tan skin, brown hair, and forrest green eyes

Created by: dannicuhh :3

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  1. Music was filling the air, and the smell of the food was inviting. There was a cozy bon fire going on a few feet away from the open pavilion. The moon light was reflecting off the water, and it had this very romantic feel to it. Next to Snuggles were 4 strangers. Two of them were boys, while the rest girls. You and the group approached them and Snuggles. "These are some of our friends that we brought here momentarily for this night only. We thought you kids might be getting sick of seeing eachother everyday, so we decided to bring in some new people." The cat joked. The boys were very, very cute while the girls were very, very pretty. "Hi, I'm Bentley. Nice to meet you." He said with a smile. Bentley had soft brown eyes with brown hair. He had one dimple, and his lips were the perfect shade of red. His smile made you feel fuzzy inside, and you couldn't help but smile back. You shook his hand and introduced yourself. You went to greet yourself to the other guy. He had dirty blonde hair, blue eyes with a hint of hazel, and a killer smile. "I'm Daniel." He said. He seemed more intersted in Emma more than you though. You shrugged it off, and introduced yourself to the rest of the pack. One girl had black hair and sparkling brown eyes. Her name was Jenna. The last girl was named Trixia. She had dyed her hair a sort of light brownish orange which looked brilliant on her since she was so gorgeous. Wall-E put on one of your favorite songs, and you danced your way to the buffet table.
  2. Trixia seemed attached to Jay, while Jenna was attracted to Matt. Daniel looked really interested in Emma. They were walking along the beach, laughing. Valentine and Elijah were swimming into the night. He was giving her a piggy back ride in the water. Gosh they were such a cute couple. You took a forkful of food into your mouth. Pfft, who needs a boyfriend when you've got food? Jerimiah sat down next to you and he looked panicked and worried. "What's wrong?" You asked. "I'm just...bothered." He replied. You looked around and realized what he was talking about. Emma and Daniel. "Jerimiah, if you like her so much why don't you tell her? I've seen the way she looks at you. Daniel's only a temporary thing. They're just flirting. Go serenade her with your beautiful voice or something." You encouraged. "Are you sure?" You smiled. "Positive." He leaned over and kissed you on the nose. "You're the best." He said as he walked over to Emma. "Well food, I guess it's just you and me." You said with a sigh. "Hi." Greeted Bentley as he occupied the seat Jerimiah was just sitting in. "Oh hey." You said with a smile, trying not to make all the food by your side that obvious. "So um, I saw you sitting alone here and I was wondering...would you like to dance?"
  3. Oh brussel sprouts. You thought in your head as you sucked at dancing. You hesitantly nodded and warned him that you might injure him. He laughed, but it really wasn't meant to be a joke. He led you to the dance floor, where everybody was having a great time. Elijah and Valentine dried up from their moon light swim and they like the perfect married couple on their honey moon. Jerimiah took your advice, as he and Emma were dancing together while Dnaiel was taking over the DJ position. Jay and Trixia were having an awesome time while Matt and Jenna pecked eachother on the lips, and Dakota was searching for more wood for the fire. You were having a blast, laughing and smiling. Bentley was truly a great guy and it was sad that he was going to leave. Taylor went over and whispered something in Daniel's ear. Daniel smiled and winked at you. What the heck did that mean? You asked yourself.
  4. Snuggles interrupted you and Bentley and asked him to help him out with the s'mores for later on. Bentley gave you a look of apology and you nodded with a small smile. A slow song came on, and just as you were about to exit the wooden dance floor onto the sand, a hand pulled you back in. You were soon face to face with Taylor. "hey, you." He said with a smile. Your stomach started doing cartwheels; not literally though because that would a serious issue for your health. "Hi." You replied stupidly, trying hard not to step on his toes. He put a gorgeous exotic flower in your hair, which made you feel warm and fuzzy inside. "How's your night doing so far?" He asked you. "Really fun. I've made friends with everything at the buffet table," you joked, which made Taylor laugh, "but actually I'm having a really good time. Everyone's so nice. Especially Bentley; he's such a nice guy." He tensed up a bit when you mentioned Bentley, but relaxed soon enough. You lay your head on his shoulder, while he propped his chin on your head. A perfect moment. You both were just swaying to and fro keeping up with the beat of the song. Time passed by, and the song was slowly coming to an end. On the final chorus, Taylor pulled away a couple of inches, looking into your eyes and still holding your waist, and kissed you right then and there before the next song started.
  5. After the first verse of the next song, you pulled away and smiled. Taylor was biting his lip, deciphering whether he made the right move or not. Oh my spinach dip he's so cute, you thought to yourself. "Sorry to interrupt, but everyone's waiting for you two at the bon fire." Bentley informed you both. You put on a half-smile and put your hand in Taylor's while running towards the fire to meet everybody there. Three huge logs were making a triangle around the fire while blazing were bursting out from the middle. Some people were roasting marshmallows over the inferno, while others were just sitting there with blankets wrapped around their shoulders. Elijah and Valentine were sharing blankets, while Valentine was laying on his shoulder. Jerimiah and Emma were sitting on opposite sides of the log, whcih confused you. The others were happily eating and laughing. This is what you hoped your summer would be like. You know, minus the part where you're on a world wide search for a gem that could destroy humanity, working for an agency that you know nothing about. You and Taylor sat down on a log that was also occupied by Dakota, Matt, Jenna, and Wall-E. You got a marshmallow and got a perfect singe on it. Although you didn't notice, Wall-E left and came back soon in a canoe carrying an object you couldn't make out. As he came closer you realized that it was the guitar that you won in Las Vegas. He tossed it to Jay and he instantly began playing. Your eyes met Jerimiah's and you gave a look that meant, 'hey you know this song, why don't you go volunteer to sing?' He shook his head no, but smiled at the thought. Not many people know, but Jerimiah is a great singer. Back in the day he'd call you on the phone just to sing you songs. You remembered one time he signed up for the talent show, but then he forgot the words once he got on stage. He lost a lot of confidence there.
  6. "Hey, Jerimiah loves this song and he knows all the words. I think he should sing. Don't you all agree?" Sooner or later chants of, 'SING SING SING SING' voluminously filled the air. Emma shot you a look of disappointment, but you didn't care to notice. Jerimiah took a seat next to Jay, took a deep breath, and started singing along to an acoustic version of Jack Mannequin's Dark Blue. (It's an amazing song, you should listen to it!) His godly voice drifted through the night air like wind. "Dark blue, dark blue. Have you ever been alone in a crowded room?..." He sang. You looked at Emma nad she was trying hard not to smile and stare. The song ended, and Jerimah was slightly blushing; unless it was just the fire. You made yourself a s'more and playfully fed it to Taylor. Suddenly Valentine burst up like a geyser. She was holding several fancy looking lavender envelopes, the fire making her red hair burn ever brighter. She gave one to everyone, except for Bentley, Jenna, Daniel, and Trixia since they were unexpected guests that she apologized to. The envelope had your name neatly printed on it with dark ink. You carefully tore it open and pulled out what seemed to be an invitation. There was a pretty bow centered on top of the invitation. In small ink in top right hand corner in italics it read, 'smell me'. You reluctantly sniffed the invitation and your nostrils were delighted by the smell of fresh roses. "You are formally invited to my birthday party which will be held in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida on August 4th, 2011. It would be an honor to share my special day with all of you lovely people. RSVP @ the girl's tiki hut. - Love, Valentine Bloomings." This girl is so classy, you thought in your head. "You guys can go to if you want," she said to the 4 guests, "but you'll have to buy your own tickets because the ones we have right now are free. Just saying."
  7. Apparently Elijah didn't know that Valentine's birthday was so close as you saw panic in his eyes. The fire burned down to ashes. The water was still, and the moon light was still shining bright. You lay down in the sand, staring at the stars while Taylor was helping Wall-E with a technical problem. Jerimiah was walking towards you with a blanket wrapped around him. His glasses were all fogged up. He spread the blanket on the lumpy sand and lay down next to you. "So what happened?" You asked, still gazing at the stars. He sighed. "Emma and I got in a small argument." "Over what? You guys were doing fine on the dance floor." You said. "Well for some odd, stupid reason I told her that I used to like Valentine and then she got mad at me." You laughed a little bit. "Well of course she got mad. Most girls would. Girl's want to be a guy's number one priority. They don't want to feel like a 'rebound.' I think she feels as if you're playing her. I mean there are so many jerks out there that play with a girl's heart like it's a plastic toy from the $0.99 Store. Talk to her. Spend more time with her. Sing another song to her. I don't know." Jerimiah sat up, smiled at you, and said the most randomest thing. "Remember when we used to like eachother and then this girl Jayde got in the way?" You bolted up and said, "Well of course I remember Jayde. But I give you a deep lecture like I'm Dr. Phil or Oprah and you're reminiscing about the past? Really?" He chuckled and put his hand on top of yours. "I still have feelings for you, you know. And thanks for the advice Dr. Phyliss, I think I'll be having weekly sessions with you from now on." He kissed your cheek, and scurried off.
  8. You sat there with your hand resting on your cheek where Jerimiah kissed you. You then realized that Snuggles was calling you over to say bye to Bentley and them. You jogged towards the dance floor. "It's been a pleasure meeting you." Said Bentley as he gently kissed your hand. "Oh snap." you whispered as you turned red. Daniel kissed Emma's neck and it felt like he was about to bite her or something. "Bye Matty!" Exclaimed a disappointed Jenna. Matt kissed her on the lips and she smiled. After all the good-bye's were made, they ran towards the vegeation and disappeared into the ocean of thick palm trees. "Um..where are they going?" Dakota asked. "It's nearly day light, and they're not aloud to be seen. They have to get back to the agency." Explained Snuggles.
  9. You woke up with your back aching. It seemed to be that Valentine and Emma were awake, since their beds were neatly made. You freshened up and met everyone at the tiki hut out back where Wall-E was explaining something. You slumped down on the couch and tried to figure out what he was talking about. He stopped talking and handed each one of you a sack of jellybeans. "Bleh, I hate jelly beans. Why are you giving these to us?" Elijah asked. You opened the bag and saw green, grey, red, blue, and purple jelly beans. "Jellybeans are for emergencies ONLY. You are permitted to have them with you at all times. For now, Snuggles and I need to have a discussion. Go get some breakfast at the island, we'll meet up with you guys there." Wall-E said. You headed off into the canoe once again with the jelly beans in your hand. You weren't in the mood to eat, which was a suprise. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw something move swiftly through the palm trees. Puzzled but curious, you got up and walked over to the 'jungle.' There were noises, twigs breaking, and a low growl' similar to the one you heard the first night you were here. "Is anybody there?" You coarsely asked. Suddenly, Bentley burst through the vegetation and grabbed your shoulders. "Bentley?! What are you doing here?" You asked, attracting the rest of the group over to see why he was there. Soon Daniel, Jenna, and Trixia cam running out. Although Trixia was hanging on for dear life to Daniel and Jenna's shoulders. She was limping and she was bleeding badly. All of them were pretty beaten up.
  10. "What happened to you guys?!!" Jay asked as he went over to help out Trixia. "There's no time to explain. Where's Snuggles and Wall-E?!" Daniel said impatiently. "They're back at the tiki huts talking. Just tell us what happened. Maybe we can help." Valentine said. Suddenly, a big roar filled the air. "WE HAVE TO GO. NOW. EVERYONE GO IN THE CANOES AND START PADDLING TOWARDS THE HUTS. TELL WALL-E AND SNUGGLES THAT WE NEED THERE HELP." Bellowed Jenna, who was typically a chill, mellow person. Suddenly Daniel was knocked off of his feet from an unknown force. He struggled to get up, and Bentley was kicking the air. There was no time to react, as Daniel was dragged out back into the labyrinth of trees. "Daniel!" Exclaimed Emma as she tried to go and save him. Bentley held her back, and motioned everyone to start running as it was too late for Daniel. Just then, trees came busting down onto the sand making a loud boom noise. You turned around to see what was causing such beautiful trees to be cut down. You struggled to turn away from the ugly creature, but you eventually did. It bellowed a rampaging roar, and started running towards you all, forcing you to much everytime the thing took a step forward.

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