Somebody Special Part 5

This is Part 5 of the quiz series Somebody Special. I think this part is a little sad and exciting. I apologize if it's too long, but some people think it's better. :)

Taylor looks similar to Nick Santino,He has dimples, brown hair, he's tall and skinny, and he likes reading and drawing. Jerimiah is your best friend in the story. He has amazing skin, glasses that look adorable on him, and black flippy hair. He's hilarious and is an amazing singer. Dakota tends to wear his nerd glasses everywhere. He has brownish/black hair and has perfect teeth. Even if he doesn't look like it, he's really smart. & not to mention he's cute! Elijah is more of the athletic type. He has piercing blue eyes and brown hair, along with an irresistable charm. Jay is more of the musical type. He can play guitar and has black hair with some blonde highlights. He has dimples aswell and beautiful eyes. Matt is a new character with tan skin, brown hair, and forrest green eyes.

Created by: (500)•Days•Of•Dannica
  1. You all shuddered as Jay said the Greek phrase out loud. "Does that mean we're going to Greece then?" Elijah asked, confused. "It can go either way" Emma explained, "Greece and Rome are very similar in very intricate ways. For example, the Gods." You expected the tv to turn on magically by itself, but it didn't. "Where's Snuggles?" You asked Valentine, noticing that she wasn't cuddling it in her arms anymore. "Wall-E is feeding him." Valentine said pointing. You looked, and Wall-E was indeed, feeding Snuggles left-over pieces of barbecue. "Is it just me, or do you find it weird that a talking cat just comes by and says he's out protector? I mean, wouldn't there be a message, like when they sent Wall-E?" You asked the group. Everyone pondered the question very seriously. "Snuggles?" Jerimiah called. "Meow?" Snuggles replied, as Wall-E started scratching him behind the ear. "Can you come over here?" Snuggles did as was told and was bombarded by questions. "How can you talk?" "Are you a spy?" Who do you work for?" "How did you get here?" "If we threw you off the second floor, would you land on your feet?" You didn't know who asked the last question.
  2. Snuggles seemed nervous and gave out a soft 'meow'. Valentine picked him up and scratched him under his chin. "It's okay Snuggles" she said reassuringly, "We won't hurt you." Snuggles relaxed a little bit and told his story. "I was a lab experiment. My master sent me over here to spy on you. He said something about a sacred gem. I used to be a regular kitten you know. I remember being with my mommy and siblings in the animal shelter waiting for some nice family to adopt us, but that night, someone kidnapped me and my brothers and sisters. He planted a chip in our heads, so our thoughts could be heard in human language." You tried to understand, but you were still quite star-struck. "YOU POOR THING!!" Valentine exclaimed as she cuddled Snuggles. "So you're like that dog from Up?" Jerimiah asked. "I guess you could put it that way, yes." Snuggles said. "Well, I suppose we should get some sleep. This is a lot to take in right now." Jay suggested. Everyone agreed to have Snuggles sleep with Valentine. You wearily trudged up to your room. You were tired, but just couldn't sleep. The whole night, you were thinking about the dreaded words on the piece of paper. "Of death."
  3. You awoke the next morning, but you felt sort of different. Then you realized it. You were in a different room. Your doodles and lyrics on the walls were the same, but the room was more...your style. It's like it was personalized just for you. You had a balcony, but it didn't overlook the pool. It was better. The balcony overlooked a huge garden, not like Versailles back in Paris, but it was still beautiful. In the middle of the garden was a fountain made out of gold. It was splurging out crystal blue water and it was just mesmorizing. You did your normal morning routine and was about to go downstairs when you saw an extra button added to the 'Stairs' and 'Slide' ones. This button was black and it was labeled, 'Bounce'. You excitedly pushed the button and out came several trampolines. You immediately started bouncing down and you accidentally ran into Jay. "Sorry." You said with a warm smile. "No worries." He said returning the smile. "So how are you liking the new place?" He asked, walking with you to explore the new house. "It's AMAZING." You muttered out. "But where are we?" You and Jay were walking down a long coridor lined with pictures from famous myths such as Hercules and Persephone. "Rome." Jay said, "I went out a bit in the morning to find out, I remembered some places from the 'Lizzie McGuire Movie'." He said with a laugh. Your eyes lit up. "I loved that movie when I was a kid!" The corridor ended at a door that read, 'Garden'. You decided to turn back since your stomach was begging for food. You returned to the kitchen and sat down with the rest of the group. Wall-E put down stacks of waffles and pancakes along with a plate of tater tots. "Thanks Wall-E!" Everyone said. Wall-E saluted all of you and went to drink some oil. Valentine came down late. She was cuddling with Snuggles again, but this time she was a cat too. She had kitty ears and she painted whiskers and a cat's nose on her face. "Why do you look like a cat?" Emma said, laughing along with everybody else. "This is my halloween costume, and I thought it would be approppriate since Snuggles is now part of us." You gulped down a big chunk of waffle and said, "But it's only July." "It's never too early to plan for Halloween." She stated. She put down Snuggles and started eating. "I think you look cute." Elijah said. You glanced at Valentine and smiled at her, since you knew she liked Elijah.
  4. Dakota was the first one done to eat, so he went over to the tv and turned it to the news. "The following kids are STILL missing: (your name here), Taylor Levine, Elijah Woodley, Dakota Traan, Jay Johnston..." The news reporter named the rest of you, and then a very pretty lady, about 35, was on the tv crying her eyes out. "That's my mom." Emma mumbled out, soft enough to be a whisper. Without touching the remote, the tv switched from the news to a blank tv screen. Then a message appeared, "We will deal with the dissappearances. It will be like you kids never left. Welcome to Rome. Don't get too comfortable though, your clue is very easy to find. In fact, Mr. Johnston has already figured out where it was." You all looked curiously at Jay. "I don't know anything." He said. "Well, you kids might as well go sigh-seeing. Maybe Jay will found out exactly what's he's supposed to know while you guys get some fresh, roman air." Snuggles suggested intelligently. "The cat's right." Elijah said. You all changed and met up at the car. "Wher should we go?" Jerimiah asked. "We should get some authentic pizza." Elijah suggested. "I'm in." Dakota agreed. "Pizza it is!" Jerimiah said happily. Everyone ate, and when you guys were done, Jerimiah parked somewhere and figured it was better to walk, so you guys could get up close and personal to the exquisite buildings.
  5. You were in awe at the wonderous buildings and architectual abilities these people who invented the statues and monuments had. Valentine was looking mostly for cute guys. You couldn't blame all that much. You saw Elijah walking by himself and whispered to Valentine to make a move. She hesitated at first, but walked up to him and started flirting. Jerimiah was walking with Emma. They were really close to holding hands, and they looked really happy together, laughing and everything. You felt kind of uncomfortable, because that used to be you up there with him. Distracted, you bumped into a guy, who didn't look like he was from Rome. He had tannish skin, brown hair, and forrest green eyes. "I'm sorry." He said with a smile. "No problem..." You said, as you felt yourself blushing. "STOP BLUSHING. PLEASE." You told your face (In your mind of course.) "Are you from here..?" You asked the boy. "No, my dad got a job here so he shipped me and my family over here. I'm originally from Miami. How about you?" He said. "No...I'm here friends." You said, "Would you mind showing us around?" You asked. "I'd be happy too." He said with a smile. "HE'S SO CUTE." You said in your mind. You grabbed his hand and guided him to the group. "Hey guys, this is umm..." I can't believe I didn't even ask what his name was. You thought in your mind. "Matthew, but you can call me Matt." Matt said. You introduced everyone, including yourself. "Matt's going to guide us around." You said. "Great." Jay said coldly.
  6. You gave Jay a 'look' and you started walking with Matt as he gave you guys a tour. The last stop was a huge fountain (like in the Lizzie McGuire movie) It was carved with Gods and it was just gorgeous. "There it is!" Emma shouted. "What?" You asked. She pointed to a piece of paper in the huge fountain. You made out the words 'Clue #2'. The piece of paper was slowly dissolving in the water. "We have to get it!" You told the lot. Out of nowhere, a guy came whizzing through the crowd. He wore an eye patch on his right eye, and he winked at you with his left. "DAD? Why are you wearing an eye patch?" Matt asked. "It's for effect!" Matt's dad whispered. He then jumped into the fountain and grabbed the clue. You were about to start running, when Taylor held you back and said, "He got a different piece of paper. Look." He pointed to the fountain. Jerimiah was chilling in the fountain as he snatched the clue. People were taking pictures, and someone informed the police. "You guys have to get out of here.." Matt's voice said. He led you guys to an alley, away from the cops and all of you hurried to the car. Jerimiah was soaking wet because while he was in the fountain, he slipped and fell, but he still managed to drive. "That was your dad?!" You asked, surprised. "Yea...he's kind of...weird." Matt said with a sigh. "I think crazy would be more of the word you're looking for." Taylor said. In moments, Jerimiah arrived at the house. All of you got in and sat on the couch. "You should get dry." You told Jerimiah. He nodded in agreement and went upstairs. You carefully lay the clue on the table. There was a picture on it. The picture showed the Eiffel Tower. "What the heck?" Valentine said. "We're not going to Paris again, are we?" Dakota asked. Matt looked over the clue. "This isn't the real Eiffel Tower." He said, "This is the one in Las Vegas." The tv turned on and there was a message on it. "Good work. You have met your enemy. Will Matthew please come forward." Matt came up to the tv awkwardly and a new message read, 'Your father is up to something, something he could go to jail for. How would you like to accompany your new friends on a mission to stop him?" There was silence from Matt, but then he said, "My summer's been boring, so sure." The tv turned off and Matt turned to you. "I guess we'll be seeing a lot more of eachother."
  7. Just then, you heard a huge explosion from upstairs. "JERIMIAH!" You and Emma cried out at the same time. You gave Emma a look and was about to say something to her, but then Jerimiah tumbled downstairs. He was covered in soot and his head was pourning out blood. "I'M NOT GOOD WITH BLOOD." Valentine shrieked. She then passed out into Elijah's arms. "WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!" Emma screamed, trying to tend Jerimiah's head. The front and back door was on fire, then you remembered the corridor you and Jay were walking through. As if Jay read your mind, he picked up Jerimiah and all of you started running down the corridor. You turned around, and saw Snuggles running after you guys. You ran back and picked him up. "WHERE'S WALL-E?" You asked Snuggles. "Last time I saw him, he was out in the garden watering the plants. You nodded and turned around once more. You saw a person wearing a creepy clown mask, and he was chucking something at you. Then you realized what they were; knives. You started running faster, but one knife got you right in the leg. It hurt like hell, but you still kept running. "Wall-E was at the door, holding it for you. You turned around once more, and the figure wasn't there. You entered the Garden, and saw that Valentine was consious again. Wall-E closed the door and you all watched the house go a flame. Valentine cuddled Snuggles, while everyone else was huddled around Jerimiah. "Move!" You ordered the boys. Emma was there crying, while Jerimiah still wasn't moving. "move." you told Emma strictly. "Why should I?" She cried. "CAUSE HE'S MY BEST FRIEND THAT'S WHY." You screamed getting irritated.
  8. Emma took to long, so you kind of shoved her out of the way. You took Jerimiah head in your arms and brought the hair out of his eyes. "Don't die. Please don't die." You kept saying repeatedly. Then, Snuggles came along and sat on Jerimiah's chest. "Forgive me." Snuggles said, as he clawed at Jerimiah's arm. "Why'd you do that?!" You asked, getting angrier and angrier by the second. Snuggled leaped back into Valentine's arms, and you saw why he clawed him. The scratch mark was gone, and so was the blood from his head. Jerimiah's eyes fluttered open, and you have him a big bear hug. "You're okay." You whispered into his ear. Everyone gathered into a group hug, even Wall-E. "Well there goes the house." Jay said. "It's okay, we'll be going in a new one. In Vegas." You said. Just when you said that, you all evaporated in a really big room. Just then, the phone rang. Dakota answered it and then put it down. "I guess we just checked in at the Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas." He said with a big smile. Another door opened revealing another room, and then another, and then another, and then another. The tv came on and it read, "Welcome to Las Vegas. This whole floor is yours. Take this as a little...vacation. No evaporations, but there will be a clue you'll have to find on the last day of your stay. Have fun. But not too much fun." The tv then closed. "Are you guys thinking what I'm thinking?" Taylor asked. Everyone nodded and in a snap, you were all asleep.
  9. You woke up in the middle of the night by a noise in the bathroom. You slowly got up and opened the door. Then you saw something that just broke your heart. Jay was on the floor, his wrists covered in blood. He was huddled up in a corner, looking guilty and disappointed in himself. He looked up to see who it was, and when he did, he buried his head even lower. You looked at the sink and saw Valentine's pair of scissors that she used to trim her hair right before she went to sleep. You sat next to Jay on the floor, but said nothing. "I promised myself I wouldn't do it anymore." Jay said. "I was committed. My parents removed all sharp objects from the house, and I haven't cut for 4 years. But then I saw those scissors. I tried resisting, but I couldn't..." You started tearing up and hugged him. After 30 minutes of silence and just sitting on the bathroom floor, Jay asked, "Can you help me clean this up?" You looked deeply into his eyes and remembered when you both were in the pool and sensed the depression and pain in his eyes; those strange eyes. "Of course I will." You said. You have him another big hug helped clean up the blood. "You should go to sleep." You told Jay. He nodded and walked out of rhe bathroom. You stood over the sink and hid the scissors. You looked at yourself one last time in the mirror and went to sleep.
  10. You looked at the time and saw that it was 2:56 AM. You tried going back to sleep but just couldn't. The image of Jay sitting on floor the very first time you walked into the bathroom was keeping you up. The feeling that came over you was sadness; so you cried yourself back to sleep.

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