Somebody Special Part 4

This is Part 4 of the series 'Somebody Special'. @cheese1234 your request of a new guy will be coming in Part 5! Leave some name ideas though! Check out my other series 'They Love Me'

Taylor looks similar to Nick Santino, but more cuter! He has dimples, brown hair, he's tall and skinny, and he likes reading and drawing. Jerimiah is your best friend in the story. He has amazing skin, glasses that look adorable on him, and black flippy hair. He's hilarious and is an amazing singer. Dakota tends to wear his nerd glasses everywhere. He has brownish/black hair and has perfect teeth. Even if he doesn't look like it, he's really smart. & not to mention he's cute! Elijah is more of the athletic type. He has piercing blue eyes and brown hair, along with an irresistable charm. Jay is more of the musical shy type. He can play guitar and has black hair with some blonde highlights. He has dimples aswell and beautiful eyes.

Created by: Dannica

  1. You woke up the next morning and realized that this was not a dream, you were really in Paris, France! You slowly got out of bed and took a nice, warm shower. You picked out your clothes, brushed you teeth, and styled your hair. You decided to walk downstairs instead of sliding because you needed the exercise. Wall-E was making breakfast and eating rotten vegetables. You sat down on the couch to watch some tv with Jerimiah. " was last night for you?" He asked. You looked at him weirdly and questioned, "What are you talking about?" "Well you know, in the pool when you were with Jay?" You gave him a 'wtf' look and said, "How do you know that?" "I heard noises so I peeked out my window and saw you two kissing, no big deal. You're not the only one with the pool view you know." He told you. "Oh, well it was just the moment." You replied with a small smile. Out of the blue, Jerimiah hugged you and said, "I miss you. We barely talk anymore, we should hangout today." You told him you missed him too, and you both decided to sight-see later in the afternoon. Valentine went downstairs, gorgeous (as always) and you looked at Jerimiah and asked, "Do you like her? Alot?" Jerimiah thought about it and said, "It's just a small crush. I'll get over it." He smiled as he continued watching tv.
  2. All of you were downstairs and ate breakfast together. Surprisingly, neither of you evaporated. You went into the room labeled 'LIBRARY' and saw there were rows and rows of books lined up against the walls. It wasn't the boring books like non-fiction and stuff, but there were books like Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and books that are quite interesting, that you would like to read. You went back to the living room and saw a piece of paper on a small table by with tv. You picked it up and it read, "Clue #1: Go to the Eiffel Tower at appoximately 6:00 PM. Look for the light." You extrememly disappointed at the timing because that's the exact time you and Dakota were going to the Eiffel Tower. You showed the clue to the rest of the group. You and Dakota's eyes met and you both exchanged looks of 'I'm sorry' and 'It's okay'. You looked at the clock and saw the time was 2:00 PM. You changed again and met Jerimiah downstairs so you two could go out to see Paris. Apparently, you guys weren't the only people going out. Valentine and Elijah seemed quite suspicious as they tried going out together without telling anyone. You and Jerimiah got out of the house. You breathed in the fresh air and you both started walking whichever way felt right. There in the view was the Versailles Gardens (look it up on google images). It was so gorgeous. The colors naturally went together and you could smell the flowers all at once. You and Jerimiah went to walk through the gardens and it was so romantic. "Too bad we're just friends." You thought in your head. You two decided talking about what you both normally talked about, boys, girls, and what was happening back home. You two also talked about what they thought about the other people in the mansion. "This is really nice. I'm glad we could spend one-on-one time with eachother." Jerimiah said with a smile. "Same here." You replied returning the favor. You two arm locked away into the garden and continued walking on, when suddenly you both evaporated.
  3. You both landed, still arm locking with the rest of the group looking as confused as ever. You looked around and saw a ton of people in a room, drinking, and having fun. The people were mostly adults with old fashioned clothes from the 1800's or something. The group decided to go outside because you all stood as you were wearing different clothing. "Where are we?" Emma asked. A man who was apparently drunk was outside talking nonsense about the end of the world. "Um, excuse me?" Taylor asked the man, "What day is it today?" The man had wild eyes and stared at Taylor. "APRIL 14, 1865!" The man said going ballistic. Taylor gave a small, nervous smile and slowly walked away. " I assume you all heard that." He said. "I know where we are." Jay said with fear in his voice. You all waited for an answer from Jay, but Valentine answered for him. "This is the night Abraham Lincoln was assassinated."
  4. Just then, a familiar man with a top hat was walking with a group of serious looking men. "That's the president!" Emma whispered, loud enough for all of you to hear. Then, you heard a rustle in the bushes. Elijah heard it aswell and realized what it was. Shocked, Elijah tackled Mr. Abraham Lincoln as a bullet went flying past them. Before anyone could figure out what happened you were all evaporated back to the mansion. "Woah, what just happened? Did you just save the president from being shot?" Dakota asked Elijah. "I guess so." He said modestly. "Way to go bro!" Dakota gleamed as high fived into a hug. "Abraham Lincoln was supposed to be shot inside the place, I'm guessing by the guy that missed the first shot. Either way, we still kind of saved him." Emma said delighted. You looked at the time at saw that it was 5:50 PM. "Guys, we have 10 minutes to get to the Eiffel Tower, now." You all hurried outside and Jerimiah gave out a happy cry. "MY CAR!" He yelled out. The key was on the hood and he hopped in and started the ignition in a blink of an eye. You all gathered in and you looked up directions to the Eiffel Tower on Dakota's iPhone.
  5. "Oh my gosh..." Emma said at the sight of the beautiful tower. You were left speechless. Jerimiah parked somewhere and you guys went up to the very top of the Eiffel Tower. The view was indescribable. You had a minor fear of heights so you hung onto Jerimiah arm for the majority of the team. "Look for the light." You reminded everybody. "What light are we exactly supposed to be looking for? There are tons of lights I see." Valentine complained. You ignored it, and finally saw it. You know those big lights that shine in the sky to get people's attention as their walking or driving? Yea, those are the lights you saw. They were light green, which was quite an odd color for those kinds of lights to be. "Over there!" You pointed. You all took in the view once more and went down to the ground. Jerimiah drove the car to the lights and you guys got out. There was a store there, but you didn't know what it was called since it was in French. "Are you sure it's here?" Elijah asked you. You nodded and went inside of the store. The windows were slightly tinted, so you didn't expect it to be a frozen yogurt shop. "Welcome!" A woman behind a counter said in a strong french accent. You all waved and looked around. "Might aswell get some yogurt" Taylor suggested with a smile. No one argued and got the flavor and toppings of their choice. After Taylor payed, you went to the small table with the different colored spoons and picked your favorite color. "Shoot." You muttered under your breath as you dropped it. As you went to pick it up to throw it in the trash, you notcied something white under the table. Luckily, there wasn't any gum (which wasn't a surprise because Paris seemed so well mannered) so you could read perfectly what it was. " του θανάτου" it read. You snatched the piece of paper from the table and stuffed it in your pocket. "Ready to go?" Jay asked you with a smile. "Yeah..." You said curious about what the paper had said.
  6. "Hey Jerimiah, can you drop me off at the Arc De Triomphe?" Dakota asked. "The what?" Jerimiah asked confused. "The big thing with the hole in the middle." Dakota said. "Oh, okay." Jerimiah said, "why?" You looked at Dakota, and he winked. "(your name here) & me wanted to see it. together." He said. No one said a thing after that. "Oh. Okay." Jerimiah said even more confused now. Dakota and you got out and could see the mansion from there. "We'll walk back." You said with a wave. Jerimiah nodded. You were about to close the door to the car when Taylor yelled out, "WAIT!" You kept from slamming the door as Taylor got out. He took your face in your hands and kissed you. After 3 seconds or so, he pulled away and said, "I just wanted to do that before Dakota tried to." You smiled and Taylor got into the car again. Jay, Jerimiah, Elijah, and Dakota were staring at you awkwardly. As the car was driving away, Valentine and Emma rolled the window down and screamed, "GET SOME GIRL! WOOO!" You turned around to face Dakota and started laughing. "We should get going before it gets late." You said with a smile. You two walked along the sidewalk of the pathway to the Arc, trying to not pay attention to the cars whizzing by. There were trees along the pathway with lights in them, so it made the walk even more romantic.
  7. "So why did you want me to meet up with you tonight?" You asked trying to start up a conversation. "Oh you know, I just wanted to get to know you more and stuff." Dakota answered with a small smile. "You dug your hands into your jacket pocket since it was really cold, and you remembered the piece of paper. You took it out and showed it to Dakota. "I found the next 'clue' in our little scavenger hunt." You said to him unfolding it and trying to straighten out as much as possible. "It looks greek... I remember one of my friends was Greek. He had a Greek dictionary, I guess and I memorize what some of the words looked like. But I don't know what this says.." He explained. "I guess we'll find out." You said as you put it back in your pocket. There ahead of you two was a stand that was selling nice, hot French Onion Soup with a slice of baguette. "Do you want some?" Dakota asked. "I don't have any money..." You said with a sigh. "No worries, I have some, but it's only good for one bowl." He got out the money and gave it to the man at the stand. In exchange, he gave Dakota a nice looking Onion soup in a plastic bowl with baguette. Dakota gave you the soup and the spoon. "can I have an extra spoon please?" You asked the man nicely. The man smiled and gave you another spoon. "Merci" you said to the man, which meant 'Thank you', the only french word you knew. As you two started walking again, you gave the spoon to Dakota and said, "I don't want to be selfish." You both finished the soup, and shared the bread and decided to head back to the mansion. Dakota put his arm around you, and you didn't resist. There were less and less cars, so out of nowhere, you ran across the street like a lunatic while cars honked at you. "What are you doing?!" Dakota yelled from across the street. "Playing tag!" You yelled back. Dakota laughed and ran across the street aswell. You started running as fast as you can, but Dakota eventually caught up. He hugged you from behind and you looked up at him. You both started laughing, and laughing then turned into kissing.
  8. You pulled away and Dakota let go of you from behind. His hand slipped into yours and sooner or later you guys were at the mansion. You let go of his hand to ring the doorbell and Valentine answered. "Oh, hi you guys! What have you been up to? Crazy kids!" She said playfully as you both went into the house. "I'll see you tomorrow, it was fun tonight." You said to Dakota as you gave him a hug. You both said goodnight and you hurried upstairs, opened your bedroom door, and collapsed onto your bed. "oh, my, gosh." You said to yourself. You felt your face, which felt red, and you changed into your pajamas. There was a knock on your door and Valentine came in. "Can I sit?" she asked. "Go ahead!" You said happily. "Okay, well I really like Elijah and I don't know if he likes me back, what should I do?" Valentine asked. You thought about how they both went out of the house mysteriously. "Where did you guys go to this evening?" You blurted out. "Oh, I asked him if he wanted to get some groceries with me from the market. He's so cute." She said with a dreamy smile. You never really pictured Valentine with Elijah; then you thought about Jerimiah. "I don't know Elijah, but I know someone else who likes you..." You said cautiously. "Really? Who?" She asked. You regretted saying that, you should have asked Jerimiah's permission to tell her; you two were bestfriends. Luckily, Emma came in and joined you two. "Dakota told me about the piece of paper! Can I see it?" You gave the paper to Emma, which was Valentine was looking at too. (Thankfully). The two of them took the piece of paper to show the other boys, so you could have some time for yourself since you got back to the mansion from the hectic day.
  9. You brought your laptop to your bed and started listening to music. You watched some tv, but then decided to go downstairs for a snack. You brought your laptop with you and asked Wall-E what he was making. "Cookie" he said in his robotic voice. You took one from he plate and started munching on it. You sat on the couch searching the web on your laptop. Everyone then came downstairs and asked you to search what the thing on the piece of paper meant. You slowly began to type it because it was really confusing. Before you could click 'Search', there was a knocking on the front door. You all went to go see who it was as you never really got visitors. There was a ring of the doorbell and Elijah opened the door. There was no one there. The door closed with a creepy creak, something it never did before. You all turned around and saw a cat behind you. "Hi." It said. You all jumped back at the sight of the talking cat. It looked about 2 years old. It was white with some gray splotches. "Aww! What a cute kitty!" Valentine said as she lifted the cat up. "Put me down!" The cat said. "Why are you talking?" You asked the cat. "My name is Snuggles and I'm supposed to be helping you guys out in your time of need. Yeah, don't judge me."
  10. Valentine carried the cat like it was her baby, while you walked back to the laptop. You quickly clicked search while horror stuck your face. "You guys, I know what the words mean." Everyone crowded around you. Jay searched the Google Page and said outloud the meaning of the Greek words. "Of death."

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