The Chosen (part one)

A lot of us feel special. And of course, everyone is. But not many of us are Chosen. What are the Chosen? They are the Chosen people. Yeah, I know, that wasn't helpful. Anyway, The Chosen all have a special purpose in life.

This is the story of a girl-you-who is kidnapped by four amazingly handsome guys. Lucky you, right? Until you find out that you are going to be some sort of savior...what does that mean for you?

Created by: Linx
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  1. You are sitting in your room alone. What are you doing?
  2. You hear a noise outside. You peek out of your bedroom window. You see four guys shouting at each other. You only see one boy's face. His wild bright green eyes lock on you. You stare at him for a moment.
  3. You break eye contact and brush off the incident. That is, until you hear your doorbell ring.
  4. You go answer the door. outside on your doorstep stand the four boys. Wild Eyes looks at you intently, a smile playing on his lips. A blonde, muscular guy stands beside him. Muscels looks at you briefly, blushes, and looks away. An Asian boy looks at you curiously and smiles. His intelligent broen eyes bore into you. An emo looking boy stands near the back. he glances at you briefly with smokey grey eyes. He sees you looking at him and shakes his head, causing his long black hair to fall into his eyes.
  5. "Hi," Smartie greets you brightly. You eye him warily. "Who are you people?" you ask. Emo's head snaps up. he exchages nervous glances with Muscles. "Anyone gonna tell her?" Wild Eyes questions.
  6. The four boys gaze at you. You shift uncomfortably. "Um, are you gonna tell me what you're doing here?" you ask. Smartie sighs. Suddenly, your stomach lurches. You feel weightless. You're flying through air, completely blind. You go on for what seems like hours. When you finally stop, you are too exhausted to go on.
  7. You fall fast asleep. You can't stop thinking of those four gorgeous boys that came to your door. Who do you dream of the most?
  8. You hear voices in your sleep. Slowly, the voices draw you out of your slumber. You wake and see a pair of eyes staring down at you.
  9. It's emo. As your eyes open he smiles wryly. "Just checking on our new arrival," he informs you. He closes your eyes with his fingers. he leans down next to your ear and whispers "Sleep _____. You'll need your rest if you're going to save us."
  10. That's all for part one of The Chosen! Hope you enjoyed it!

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