the fallen part 13

Hello peoples, again...This is (the delayed ALOT)part 13 of my 'The Fallen' Series. You discover things like how well you use your powers, family ties with Will, and that Will can shout alot.

I am SUPER-EXTRA-REALLY sorry that this is months AND MONTHS late. I think I did the last one before the summer...but I have been extra busy and am just aboput finding the time to do these without killing you off, bringing you back for a day, only to have a terrible ending once more (sorry to the Chosen fans who play these quizzes). I'll try to do one atleast once a fortnight.

Created by: Dayna

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  1. So Robby stays and that night you go to bed, Ryan comes in to talk to you. "That girl doesn't know about you, or why you're here." He says. "Cool," "So, do you...did you know that every Christmas we get invited to a christmas party? It's soo cool, masqurade and everything!" He says.
  2. "No I didn't, but then again, I'm not a party go-er. But, I am going christams shopping." You smile, he asks to join you, and you agree.
  3. YOu get up the next day, earlier than usual to check up on Robby because he slaept in the living room. He seems fine but the someone yawns beind you. You turn suddenly and see Max.
  4. "I was healing him. Nath broke his nose." He says. "Oh My God! Really?" "Yeah, but he's fine." You say you're going shopping, "Be careful _____, really. Leria could kill you, and WANTS to kill you. If you can't tap into Alaurena's powers you're DEAD."
  5. "I'm trying," You say. You stare at a cusion that fell to the floor from the sofa robby's on. You concentrate and it rises by an inch. "see!" You moan.
  6. "Your power will not be as strong as Alaurena's, of course, she was the Chosen." Max says, "And that's why I'm suprised Will doesn't hate you." "Why would Will hate me?"
  7. You go into the kitchen with Max. "Alaurena, your...aunt, I think, killed Theresa and her brother, Seth after many attempts at Theresa wanting to kill Alaurena." Max explains, "As you having every power of every one of your ancestors - Will and yourself are the two most powerful psychics. Leria needs you both." Suddenly he says "I love you, so please don't get hurt."
  8. Ryan gets up and you get dressed and go. YOu forget what Max told you whilst shopping. "_____, you done?" Ryan asks when you've paid, "Yeah." yo say and you go
  9. You get home and robby's gone. Once more, there's an argument. Will and Nathan are yelling at eachother loudly.
  10. "TRAITOR! YOU LYING LITTLE PRAT! HOW THE HELL COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME!?" Will yells louder than you thought capable, "I NEVER INTENDED ON ENDING THINGS THIS WAY, PAL, BUT I HAD TO!" "LIAR! YOU DIDN'T HAVE YO DO ANYTHING!" Max sees you and Ry looking perplexed. "Nath, umm, told us something...I think you guys ought to know." Max says.

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