The fallen part 12

Welcome people to another few minutes of The Fallen, this is part 12 of my newest Series of quizzes. I hope you enjoy it all, but, as I am far too lazy and forgetful to write a recap, please take parts 1 to 11 if you have not already done so.

Today, You meet Robby (the new boy who is now a choosable character) Robby is - smart, funny, kind and popular! Who could be more perfect *dreamy sigh...* Um, right anyway, get on with it!

Created by: Dayna

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  1. YOu leave the hotel, and go back home after one night. Pleased that you'll meet Robby, and see the guys again, you smile all the way. "Who are you meeting?" Will asked. "A friend, Robby. He's a good guy."
  2. "Robby? A guy?" He asks, you nod. "Ok." And you get to the woods again. Will calls Max. "Max, hi, know anything about Leria?" He asks. Theres a pause, "Okay, cool, we're coming back now, cya." And he hangs up.
  3. "Leria wants blood, OUR blood, Fallen blood. She wants to make a powerful gene that contains powers of all the fallens ancetors." He gulps. You walk through the forest, until you see where you were earlier.
  4. Then you get home. You open the door, and Ryan hugs you! "______! You're back!" He says lifting you up. He puts you down, and Nathan, max and some leggy blonde woman come down stairs. The blonde Wraps her arms around Ry.
  5. "Who are you?" She asks in an unusally high voice, "_____." You reply and walk upstairs to get dressed and washed. Nathan knocks on the door and comes in. "Where are you going?" He asks, so you tell him.
  6. "Can I come? I haven't been out in a while." Nathan asks. You nod and go shopping. Outside of centre was Robby. "______!" He says, then sees Nathan.
  7. "Who are you?" They ask eachother at the same time. Nathan says his name and robby says his. Robby hugs you, bad move.
  8. Nathan glares at him and his scruffy look, Jeans and an old T-shirt with tatty old trainers and a hoody. He put an arm around you and walked into the centre.
  9. Nathan pulls Robby away from you and punches him! "NATHAN!" You yell and rush to Robby's side. He's out cold, and you say he HAS to come home with you.
  10. You get home, and put him on the sofa. "He'll be fine, can he leave?" Nathan asks. "No, oh please can he stay?" You beg Max and Will *Because they DO care!* They look to eachother and agree.

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