The fallen part 9

Hello people, this is part 9 of my 'The Fallen' series. I know, I know, it took FOREVER to make, but it's all coming together now! PROMISE! Anyways, twists and turns occur throughout, and things that you thought were explained, are not as they seem.

A note on Comments------- I see that the comments I have recieved so far are positive, and I believe, exagerated slightly. But I like comments. If you think it's good, great! If not, then say so! I like to know what you, YEAH YOU, think!

Created by: Dayna
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  1. 'No. Not now...' Will replies. You nod and go to pack. You open your bedroom door to see a figure in the shadows. You telepathically call to Will, and he rushes up.
  2. "____,what? What is it?" He asks. "Can't you see it will? It's right there." You point to the figure. "____, no one's there." He sighs. But it's too late, you've blacked out.
  3. You wake up in a room you've never seen before. It's brown, there are machines around your bed. No one's there. You've got wires on your head.
  4. You call for the guys in your mind, but you hear yourself think, then the guys all rush up; except Ryan (he's gone to a friends). Will looks nervous, Nathan and Max look normal.
  5. "How did you know I called?" You ask. "That machine sends out your brainwaves and they come out just as you thought."Will explains. "Oh and, meet me later, you know where and why." They all leave.
  6. You detach the wires. And run to your room. The figure is gone now, so you grab a rucksack out of Ryan's room (next door) and pack your clothes and essentials. Nathan knocks on the door and comes in. "What ar you packing for?" He asks. you say nothing. YOur phone rings.
  7. It's william. "Hello?" You say. "Where are you?" He asks. "...I'll be there soon." You hang up, grab your bag and push past nathan. He follows you to the door.
  8. "____, where are you going? Who was that?" Nathan asks, now slightly scared. You pause angrily as you open the door, "Nathan, leave me alone!" And you go, slamming the door behind you.
  9. You run to the tree house. Max texts you, 'I know I've been quiet. Will told me he's with you.' And that's it. You see William, with a backpack on his back. He smiles and asks "Ready to go? Wait, is that Ryan's?" You laugh and nod.
  10. Will takes your left hand and runs through the area of trees. You get to a street. It's cold, and rain is in the air. "We've got to look out for Leria, she'll kill us, Fallen or not." He whispers in your ear. You don't know why, but you get a tingling sensation run through your whole body.
  11. You take a step back, and see his scared look in his eyes. He holds you tightly, His back facing the abandonded road whilst in rains gently. He screams in pain and loosens his grip...

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