The fallen part 6

Hello, this is part 6 of my "The fallen" series. As you know, the comments are good, but don't be afraid to give me advice on how to improve, though the story is my own.

Recap - You live with 4 guys who say youhave powers. Ryan and Nathan fight ALL OF THE TIME, Max Blanks you and William's just himself. You and will kissed and he told Nathan and ryan he loved you, not knowing you were around the corner.

Created by: Dayna
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  1. He looks down at you and walks past you out of the door way. You look up at him, he helps you stand. "Do you want to go for a walk? I'll explain things." You agree and you step outside.
  2. For the first time in almost four days, you step outside.The cold air embraces you. Will takes your hand and leads you down a small path that goes down a hill, it's close to the house. It goes down and when you reach the end, it has a tall tree. To your suprise, theres a ladder and ... a tree house.
  3. Also on the tree with the treehouse, is a shelter with a bench underneath. You and will sit on the bench. "I made this place ages ago. I was like...9. when we moved to this town, and I moved in a while before you." He smiles. "You made it even though you didn't live here?"
  4. "I used to walk around here and found this house. The owners were nice, so they let me build a treehouse here. But that's not something i wanted to explain. I love you, but I know you want to go home." He smiles. "It's not just that Will, but Max told me you are one of us, 'The Fallen'."
  5. "Yeah, I am. but I didn't know until Max told me of my real roots." He sighs. "Your real roots? Your real mother? It makes no sense!" You say. "Before I was born, my mother and father split up. My dad met another woman, Cassandra, and when my mother had me, my dad took custody of me. I thought Cassandra was y real mother, untill last year..."
  6. "Cassandra would say things like 'Tell him!' but dad would just ignore her. Then I said I wanted to know what they were talking about, dad said I'd have to move out first , so I did. I moved in here, the kind owners moved away years ago. My dad never told me, Max did. He found you, and told Nathan. A few months later to that, know what happened."
  7. "Why me?" You ask. "He thought you'd know. So we were going to train you, Nathan said you were in danger, it was a lie. We can have psychic conversations, and stuff, we can only plant thoughts and read minds on the others." You go inside to have dinner.
  8. The guys are all quiet when you both enter. "____, we have..." Ryan begins "Powers? I know." You say. "My power is electricity, it's really fun." He smiles. "You know mine" Nathan sighs. "And I have...I heal people." Grunts Max. They look at Will, and so do you, he smiles. "I already told her mine." You sit and eat.
  9. Nathan looks at you and you look back.He stops eating and leaves. "So, what should i do now?" You ask. "What do you mean?" Ryan asks. "If you wanted to train me, though it sounds pretty straight forward, I should stay, if not...what happens?" You ask.
  10. "Then you're free to leave." William sighs. He leaves the table. "Well, he's just being..." Ryan begins until you interupt, "normal?" Ryan leaves too. Max stays and says "You don't have to go if you don't want too..."
  11. If you chose "I will go", DO NOT take these quizzes anymore. If you chose "I will stay", carry on taking them.

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