which guy will you fall in love with part 9

You were at the mall one day with your best friend. You saw four cuties, Seth, the sporty guy; Adam, the nerdy guy; Josh, the funny guy; and Alex, the original guy. They take you to a house, and keep you there for a month and you must decide which guy you want to keep seeing.

We just finished with Seth taking you two his room. Seth is the hottie with the killer abs. When you walked in you saw Gavin, stupid old Gavin. Ready to see who you've fallen in love with?

Created by: rebekahgilman
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  1. Gavin is holding one of Seth's lacross sticks? He walks towards Seth and attempts to whack him. You scream and the rest of the boys run to the rescue. The Gavin punches Seth in the abs. But, Seth's abs are so strong, that you hear Gavin's head snap. Then Adam pokes him in the eyes with a protractor, Josh rams a calculator at him, and Alex laughs at Gavin...
  2. Gavin jumps out the window and the guys all look at each other. Seth askes the others to leave, and being oblivious they do. Seth wraps you around his strong, tan, perfect arms. You kiss him slowly and passionately. You smile, and run your fingers through his six pac. You lay down, you're so tired. Seth turns the lights off and you fall asleep.
  3. You wake up to Seth kissing your check. You smile, and give him a kiss back.
  4. You head downstairs and Adam and Josh ask if they can talk to you. They wants to go bowling with you tonight. You agree and head upstairs. You walk in your room and see Alex.
  5. Alex starts kissing you. You kiss back and he leaves without an explanation...
  6. When you and the boys get to the bowling alley, Josh says he has to go to the little wrangler's room. He leaves you and Adam. No one else is in the bowling alley, and Adam sees this as an opportunity to start kissing you, which he does.
  7. Josh gets back and makes Adam a deal. Whoever wins gets to spend alone time with you. You and the boys start bowling. Who do you want to win?
  8. Josh beats Adam by 3 points. He laughs, picks you up, and carries you over to an empty table, in the back corner. You are laughing and having a great time and Josh is telling jokes. He leans across the table and the two of you go at it and start making out like there's no tomorrow.
  9. Adam comes and says that the place is closing for the night. You all go home and when you get home, who are you going to talk to first?
  10. Adam says he needs to talk to you. He pulls you into his room. You look around, there's tons of books, and a desk full of papers. You sit on his bed and wait for him to start talking. He pulls a pink piece of paper out of his pocket. "___________, this is a poem a wrote about you," he starts, really nervous, "When I wake up in the morning, and breathe the fresh air, I think of you, and how I really care. I've really fallen hard, you make life worthwhile, I love your voice, your heart, your love, your smile. You complete my heart, you fill my soul, when we're together, we're two halfs that make a whole."
  11. You two start kissing. You lay ontop of him on his bed, and he has his hands under your blouse.
  12. Okay, come back for part 10. Now, who do you love?

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Quiz topic: Which guy will I fall in love with part 9