Who would fall for you? Demon, Neko, Elf, Vampire

Hey people! This is my first quiz, and i'm excited! It's only for girls, so sorry guys! This is a cool story with interesting twists and cool results! If you love fantasy, you'll love my quizzes!

Are you a girl who LOVES fantasy and cute boys? Do you love intense scenes and romance features? Check out my quiz? Who knows? Maybe the person you got fits your personality!

Created by: Masha
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  1. Ok. Your name is Jay. You're 18 and have black hair and incredibly icy blue eyes.
  2. You were walking down the street at night and passed a man. Once you did, you felt a chilling sensation and froze. The man chuckled and said, "You won't be able to move for a while, so I'll just take you with me"
  3. He touched your chin and then a man behind him, slit his throat with his claws
  4. "You okay?" He asked. You were unable to do anything, since you were frozen. Then, you blacked out.
  5. You woke up in a room. What does it look like?
  6. A man came in and you were about to scream, when he quickly said, "WAIT! My friends saved you and brought you here! It's ok!" You calmed down and asked, "Who are you?" "Follow me." He said and you did. it was a two story house that was HUGE!!!!
  7. "Ah she's awake!" You heard and saw your rescuer. He had yellowish hair and brown eyes. "How do you feel?" Another person asked. He had blonde hair and green eyes. "Fine, i guess." You said. "Good. Now she can go back." Another person coldly suggested. He had black hair and golden eyes. The person who came and got you had midnight blue hair and blue eyes. Which is your favorite?
  8. "My name is Drake." Said the blue hair guy. "I'm Torin!" Said the guy who rescued you. "Daniel!" The blondie said. The black haired guy turned away from you. "Hmph. Lucifer." He said. "Ok, thats all cool, but can i go home?" You asked. "Gladly." Lucifer said. "No." Drake said. "What?! Why?!" You asked. "Because you can't. If you do, you'll be hunted down by more guys who want to kidnap you, Jay." He explained.
  9. "But-" "No." Drake cut you off. "You have to stay. And i'll explain why in the morning. I do wish to take you back, but i can't." "Then where do i sleep?" You asked grudgingly. "You're room's being refurbished, so you're staying in my room." Drake said. He led you upstairs into his room and got in his bed.
  10. After a while you fell asleep. But a pattering sound came from the window and you woke up. "Who's there?" You asked. Nothing. The tapping sound came again and you heard the moaning of the wind. Then..... CLIFFHANGER!!!!

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