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Hey guys I got bored and I noticed that everyone was making little books so I did too. I came up with story on the bus when I got bored and the imagination just flowed out of me and stuff you know

I think you would really enjoy this story to people out there who loved the seekers series and who love fantasy stories and talking animals and such. I think it's pretty cool so far oh and comment on the stroke and you will officially become an M like with pewdie pie and if you subscribe to him on YouTube you become a bro and you comment to me you become a M

Created by: mya403
  1. Chapter one I can't believe what I just saw. I knew I wasn't going to see such a thing again. Ever again! My mind tried to play it off has my imagination and that I was going mad or something but that dosent sound like a very good idea. I dont want to live on my island when mundane,I'll barley survive. I can barley hunt now! I'm lucky that I've survived five years on this bloody island! But there was the bear, starring right up at me with his big blue eyes that bears don't have. " Where I originally came from, bears didn't have blue eyes but there wasn't such a thing!" I yelled at the bear. The bear looked up at me with those big blue eyes and did something incredible. Something I know bears don't do. By now,I was thinking if it was a bear at all!
  2. The bear started to cry. A tear dolled down its fur and dropped to the ground. I felt horribly because I thought it was my fault. - ofcourse I make bears cry. Every animal hates me but...- at this moment the bear laid his head in my lap. He was a bigger bear than I thought. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings," I said to the bear. He looked up at me with eyes that said it wasn't your fault I'm just hurting. He laid his paw I'm on my lap and turned it over to reveal a stick. Wow this bear gets a small stick in its paw and crys when there are like 500 thorn in this paw. I pull up the small stick from his paw. This was one of my first hunting sticks. At the end of the day I used to go and see if I caught anything to roast. I found three with small hairs and one was broken. The sharpened stick was completely gone and large, smeared, for prints were there and I couldn't make out what animal had ran away from it. Mystery solved!
  3. I felt horrible that one of my hunting traps caught the bear's paw. I wanted never to forgive myself. Ever! The bear looked up at me with eyes of relief that seemed to say that he forgives and thanks me. I stroked his head. " Are you just a bear or are you more than a bear, even by a little or a lot?" The bear looked up at me, " Well someone like you was going to figure the secret sooner or later, might as well show you now," it said. Fear and excitement and sadness and a lot of other feelings just made a ball up inside me. I didn't know what to expect. Let me tell you something. One of those feeling in that ball, was suspense.
  4. The bear looked at me with eyes of fear. Was ha afraid that I was going to hunt him? I wouldn't do that. I think the bear is becoming my friend. I see the color of the bear change. Fur is replaced with feathers and the size of the bear becomes smaller. A large snout is replaced with a beak. The eyes change shape but the color stays the same. Soon, there is no bear but only a bald eagle. It flat toward me and sits on a branch and looks at me. " How come an elemental can't do that but a bear can?" I say to the eagle.The eagle looks at me with wonder and surprise, " Your an elemental?" he says. His voice is filled with surprise. "Your a morph bear?" I say back to him.
  5. He looks at me and changes back k to bear form. He does the same amazing process and then he lays down on the ground with me. He puts his head it my lap. "If you don't mind me asking what's exactly an elemental and what's your name? Mine is just Bear, really it is but what's yours ?" Bear asked me. It had been so long since someone asked me for my name. " Adais, my name is Adais. Please just call me Ada, an elemental is a super human being. They can control the elements of the planet. Like water or anything in that stage. You see where I'm going with this, Bear?" I tell him. He nods his head.
  6. I smile at Bear. I like that name. " You know," Bear says, "elementals were companions with morph bears and they often rode on their back. As morph bear legend says, every morph bear has its rider. It was built for its rider and will only come together to its partner but nature's time. Ada, I think you're my rider," Bear says. I'm shocked. I've heard that before but I cant ride him yet. Elemental s have to bond with their morphs first. Thats right. There are not just morph bears but also morph lions, morph wolves, you get the idea. I look at Bear, he knows elementals bond before riding. He smiles, gets up, and walks away. I sit there and think if he has played a joke on me. he comes back wearing armor. Riding armor we have to wear these because this make us feel each other like if he feels unsafe I can feel I to and comfort him.This also allows to speak with each h other at long distances mentally. I think they're cool. I put on my armor. I feel complete. Bear looks at me. " I feel complete too !" he tells me through mental messages.
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