Surviving Middle School Part 2

Hi guys! I'm Alyssa and I'm the "author" of this story. It is partly true and has really happened but mostly it's my imagination! lol hope you guys enjoy it!

I will be posting the rest of the story either today or tomorrow! If you like it and want me to keep writing please rate and comment! Feel free to criticize and give me suggestions!

Created by: Alyssa185
  1. Hey guys! this is the second part to "Surviving Middle School". I hope you guys enjoy it! :)
  2. Sam saw me talking to the group while he was gone and when he came, we started talking about a really random topic. So he kinda figured out that there is something we are keeping from him. And as always, my friends stared torturing me by helping Sam guess what's going on. So yea, Sam found out I like Spencer. It was very awkward because I basically liked my best friend's best friend. You can guess what Sam did once he found out. He told Spencer right away. Spencer sat with his Asian friend a few feet in front of us next to the wall. My group sat under the shade of the tree next to a bunch of nerds. Anyway, Sam literally sprinted to him and told him I like him. Then Spencer looked in my direction and looked at me in the eye. But as soon as we were eye to eye, I forced myself to look away and pretend I don't know about this. Well this was only the start of the awkwardness.
  3. The next day, I was really really nervous. More nervous than I was for my math test, which was a really weird feeling that had never happened before.As usual I was walking with Sam to 3rd period science while whispering "I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you." Obviously I didn't hate him and I wasn't even mad but I thought I should be. I was kinda happy actually deep in my heart because I felt like this might get Spencer's attention or at least help me find out if he likes me back. Well when I walked into class Spencer wasn't there yet. Thankfully. It bought me a little more time before I faced the mess I've made.
  4. He finally walked in but he avoided eye contact with me. Great. He is ignoring me. I was sure things couldn't get any worse. Well I was proven wrong immediately as Sam came to us and made the whole thing more awkward. "So how is everyone?" he said while putting his hands around me and him while pulling us toward each other. Basically what people do when trying to put two people together as a couple. A very awkward situation to be in. "Sam, leave me alone," I said while trying to sound annoyed. Well thankfully at that moment Mr.Smith walked in and Sam went back to his spot. "Yea, that's why I never tell Sam who I like." That was the only thing Spencer said that day.
  5. It was terrible. The first boy I liked in this school now probably hated me. He actually was the first person I felt something for. This was real and different from all my other crushes. Yes, I tend to crush on people really easily but I get over them really hard. Now, I was basically rejected by my dream boy. It sucked like hell. And for the first time since i met him, I wished I had never met him in the first place. Well there was still hope because we did still talk sometimes, like he asked me for help with his science homework and stuff like that. Sam kept coming to us and we talked together then. I guess it wasn't so bad. Savannah and Marissa kept telling me that he is probably trying to be friends first before he asks me out. Yea, right. Like he is gonna magically fall in love with me. Well what could they tell except that? Friends are suppose to comfort you and that was exactly what they were doing. Which actually made me happy because I realized at least I have my friends in this crappy situation.
  6. The next few days went by just like the other days. He wasn't ignoring me but my chance with him was totally ruined. And that was only the beginning.That weekend was the worst weekend in the whole entire year. So this is how it went. I was texting Sam about Spencer as usual. He was telling me stories about him or just insulting me about my crush on him and stuff like that. But at around 8 at night, he texted me saying: I found out who Spencer likes. It's Samantha Lawrence.
  7. I had to read it a couple of times to finally get what it was really saying. So Spencer liked THAT girl. Well let me tell you a little about Samantha Lawrence. People call her Sam but I rather call her Samantha because it's confusing when you have two Sams. Anyway, she is a blondie with really gorgeous brown eyes. Well actually she has died her hair with brown highlights so I'm not even sure if she is blond at all. About her personality, people say she's really nice but I have never talked her so I don't know. But I know that she has dated around 30 guys just this year. You might as well say that she's popular. She has two twins in love with her. THE TWINS ARE IDENTICAL. it's kinda creepy in school. You basically see two people looking exactly the same chasing her all around. She also only hangs out with guys.
  8. I can't believe Spencer likes a girl like that. So I texted Sam back saying: YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! BUT SAMANTHA IS SUCH A b----! :'( Yes, I actually said that. BECAUSE IT'S TRUE. She might be super gorgeous and cute and nice but she has dumped over 30 guys ONLY this year! Come on Spencer, you can do way better than that. Sam finally texted back after 30 minutes.
  9. Sam: Okay I have even worse news. Me: Yes? Sam: He's thinking about asking her out. Me: WHAT?? DOES HE REALLY WANT TO GET DUMPED THAT BAD? Sam: Haha. Jk. He already asked her out. She said yes. They're going bowling tomorrow alone. Me: SAM WHAT DO YOU MEAN?! ARE YOU SERIOUS? FOR GOD'S SAKE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT'S GOING ON? Sam: Hahahahaha. I really got you. I'm just kidding. but he really likes Samantha. One of his other friends told me Spencer told him last night at Tennis. Yes. Spencer and Sam play Tennis together. They also golf. I know. So White. So I texted Sam again.
  10. Me: Ughhhhh. I can't believe this. I hate my life right now. Sam: hahahaha. Well guess what? Me: what? Sam: I am at Spencer's house right now. Me:...... IS HE READING OUR TEXTS? :0 Sam: Yes.. xD Okay. WHAT JUST HAPPENED?? I just called Spencer's crush a b---- in front of him. My phone started ringing. I realized it was midnight already. It was Sam so I answered it.
  11. Me: What do you want Sam? Spencer: Hey Ava! Me: SHUT UP SAM! YOU'RE RUINING MY LIFE! I LITERALLY CONFESSED I LIKED SPENCER IN FRONT OF HIM. CAN THINGS GET ANY WORSE? AND NOW YOU CALL ME TO SAY WHAT? Spencer: You thought it's Sam? s---. Did I just confess my love for him in front of him? wait worse. Did I just say shut up? Me: wait... This is Spencer? Spencer being his dorky self: Maaaaaaaaybe. Well Sam wants to talk to you. This is going to be awkward on Monday. Sam: Hey Ava. Me: Prepare to die on Monday.
  12. CLIFFHANGER!!! -So guys this is it for Part 2! I hope you guys enjoyed it! What do you think happens after this? Do you think Spencer and I get together?

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