Complicated Difference part 25

So, the story of your life: no more school; you share a house with cute guys who all like you, help you, and want to keep you safe; and, of course, there are plenty of powers to make it all interesting.

What happened last... You opened the book that you found in the attic. The cover says Elisa. Everything inside it is handwritten. You told the guys, and Marly called...

Created by: pixystixlove94
  1. "That was Marly... he wants us to meet him in his office, and to bring the book along with us," Erik finished. "How come?" you ask, curious thoughts racing through your mind. "He didn't mention the reason..." Paul answered.
  2. You stand up, still holding that old book. Wesley hands you a bag, "Put the book in there, I don't think it would be a good idea for anyone to see it." You do as he says. Paul hands you your sword and its sheath. "You really should keep this with you at all times... it would make me feel better," he says. Using a shoulder strap, you place it over your shoulder, though you're still not used to the weight. All of you then leave the house.
  3. You're filled with nervousness since you're unsure of what Marly wants, but a part of you is excited. You're holding the bag tight to your chest, but relax a little as you look around at the guys. Once you enter the HQ building (headquarters) Davis greets the five of you. He lifts his arm, motioning all of you to venture upstairs. The anxiety builds as the elevator nears the top floor. The doors slide open to reveal that hallway, and you take the steps toward the door which leads into the meeting room. Davis opens the door and the five of you walk in, taking the seats that are across the table from Marly.
  4. "Welcome all," Marly begins, "Do you have the book with you?" You reply with a "Yes," and carefully take the book out of the bag, setting it on the table in front of Marly. He places his hands on the cover, opening the book to skim a few pages. "I am sure you have already looked at this at least a small amount. It's a book about Elisa, about her acquaintances. Do you recognize this writing?" Marly asks, pointing to a page and looking straight at you. "I guess so," you answer, "but I don't remember where from."
  5. Marly then explains, "It is your mother's handwriting. She wrote everything on these pages. Everything she ever found out about Elisa or the people who work for Elisa, she wrote in here. Throughout her missions, most of which were successful I might add, she discovered more information and documented it all in this very book. This information is powerful and important. It's not something that should be in the wrong hands."
  6. "Wow," you state, trying to take all of that in. You look around and the guys are just as surprised as you are. Marly slightly smiled and said "The reason why everyone knows of your parents is because they were some of my best Elite acquaintances. Both of them always performed well and did a fantastic job on each of their missions. Even if they weren't successful, they both constantly tried their hardest." A smile spread across your face and you felt pride building inside of you.
  7. "The actual reason I called the five of you to meet with me was because of the book. I just wanted to inform you of how important it is that you don't give this to anyone else," Marly mentions, motioning toward the book, "It is a huge loss for us if it goes missing, and you never know what others could do with it... this book is possibly very dangerous." You all nod your heads, showing that you understand what he has said. Marly stands up and hands the book back to you. You and the guys stand as you slide the book back into the bag. As you exit the door, Marly speaks yet again, "Be careful."
  8. Exiting the doors, and making sure the bag is safely in your arms, all of you start on the walk back home. There's plenty of joking and laughing going on, though you are all still alert since Marly's last words echo in everyone's ears. It's still day time, though the sky has turned a slightly darker shade. It should be dark in about an hour, you assume. Finally, you've reached the road where your house is, and you feel relieved.
  9. You all stop when you reach the yard, shocked and what you see. The front door has obviously been smashed in. Adam starts shivering all over. Erik begins, in a raspy whisper, "No! You can't change here in the town, remember?" Adam argues back in the same whispering tone, "I think I have a right to protect myself, the house I live in, and help with protecting all of you." "Adam, just calm down," Erik says quietly, "Paul, scan the house, is anyone still in there?"
  10. Who do you like?

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