Surviving Middle School Part 3

This is a story about a girl named Alyssa who is in love with this boy called Spencer. He is her dream boy. Read the story to see what Spencer does to her and how Alyssa's middle school experience goes.

Do you think Alyssa will survive middle school? DO you think Spencer will ever go out with her after everything that happened? Do yo you think Alyssa's life will ever be the same?

Created by: Alyssa185
  1. Hey guys! This is part 3 to the Surviving Middle School story! Hope you guys like it so far! just a sneak peak : It's gonna get really good next time! :D
  2. Then I hung up. I didn't want to talk to either of them anymore. Well actually I did want to talk to them but just not in that situation because it was awkward. It was one in the morning and I was way too tired so I went to bed. Obviously things couldn't get worse so there was no point in staying up. As soon as I woke up the next day, my mind started thinking about Him and what happened last night. It was beyond what I could imagine. It was just a month ago when I actually thought I had a chance with him but now, I knew for a fact there was nothing anymore. I couldn't handle it anymore so I texted Sam again.
  3. Me: Sam? Sam after a long time: Yea? Me: Are you still with Spencer? Sam: No. I left a few minutes ago. Me: Was he mad that I called Samantha a b----? Sam: No. He was just laughing. XD Me: oh...
  4. I didn't know what else to say. So was that a good thing that he laughed? Or was he making fun of me? Ugh, I didn't know anymore. It sucked like hell being in that situation. I really mean it. It looked like my life was crashing in some stupid texts. So I decided to spend the rest of my day reading my favorite book The Fault in Our Stars. That book is one of the only books that the love story in it wasn't a happy ending one. Which kinda summarized my life. The weekend was soon over and it was finally Monday. Yay.
  5. When I walked into school, I went to the music room to put my cello there. As usual. Normally my friends are there waiting, but today none of were there. Great. They are probably with Spencer. So I went to the library. That's one of the places they go in the morning. Maybe they haven't done their homework. So I go to the library and I find my group. Thankfully. Well everyone except Sam. I talked to Savannah and Marissa and then started walked out of the library because I had first period dance and I had to change. As I was opening the library door, I realize someone is on the other side that's pushing the door. So I step away to the side to let the other person in. Since I am a VERY lucky person, Spencer opens the door and looks at me. But I once again decide to avoid the awkwardness so I left the library.
  6. Finally after two long periods of Dance and Music, it's nutrition. I go to our usual spot which is next to a bunch of bushes and trees. We chose this spot because we sometimes drink tea and if we don't finish we rather pour the left over water in the bushes. So once I reach there, Sam is already there. As I get closer there, I realized he's not alone. Spencer is with him. Sam sees me before I can walk away. So I decide to act natural and pretend nothing weird happened that Saturday night.
  7. "Hey guys," I said as I dropped my backpack on the ground next to their backpacks. Each said hi back and then Sam began the awkwardness as usual. "So, we had a very interesting Saturday night," said Sam as Spencer and I both started laughing. Laughing was the best thing I could do at that moment. I mean it was my safest choice. "I can't believe you two did this to me. Why would you even read my texts?" I asked Spencer. I don't know what I expected him to say I mean if someone who liked me was texting my best friend, I would obviously read the texts. But strangely he had an answer.
  8. "Well, Sam was over at my house and he was on his phone. So I asked him what he was doing and he said he was texting you. So I went to him to see what you guys were talking about because I was really bored." Spencer explained. It actually made sense. "No, you didn't! You literally jumped on me to see what she was talking about and then suggested tricking her in to believing you were dating Samantha!" Sam interrupted. Sam was a really honest guy so I believed him when he said that. It kinda made me happy because I thought that means Spencer was interested to see what I was saying.
  9. "Well anyway, then I saw what you said and then Sam called you." He said while laughing. I guess it was kinda funny. The whole incident was funny. Right then the bell ringed and we started walking to science. We talked a little more about Saturday night and laughed about it. Not so funny when you're the one humiliated. Once we reached class, Mr. Smith was already there so we didn't talk anymore. But I was glad he wasn't making it awkward. Another reason to like him. I really had to get over him fast. This was getting out of control. It sucks to be in love when the other person doesn't like you at all.
  10. The next few days were normal. I talked to him like usual but nothing serious. Just little talks about homework or the lesson. The only fun thing that happened was that Sam came to my spot when Spencer walked in and said "It's getting hot in here." It was funny and yet very true. At the same time, I wished he would forget everything but I knew it was not something you could simply just forget about.
  11. After about two weeks, I was sure Spencer likes Samantha. They were together at lunch and they hanged out during nutrition. Sam confirmed it too. Spencer had texted him the night before that he officially likes Samantha. He hadn't mentioned anything about asking her out to Sam but I am pretty sure he will eventually ask her out. But strangely, I still had a little hope. It was stupid. It didn't last long tho..
  12. CLIFFHANGER!! So here is the third part to the story! This is the last part I'm gonna post for today! I hope you guys enjoyed it! If you liked it, please rate and comment! It will mean the world!

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