Middle School Romance~ Part 1

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Thinking this is a story just about love? Think again because you're wrong!. Middle School Romance consists of tests of friendship, love and family drama.

I'm sure all you girls want more of the boys, huh? Well sorry, sweetie. This series isn't revolving around just the boys. Only 2 guys have been introduced in Part 1. I need to introduce 2 more guys in Part 2. I hope you enjoy as this is my first quiz series so sorry about any errors!

Created by: BookPony672
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  1. "________. Wake up, honey." You crack open an eyelid and see your Mom staring down at you. You groan and roll over to the other side of the bed.
  2. Finally, you open the other eyelid. Getting a better look at your Mom, you see that she has tears streaming down her eyes. Her eyes are red and puffy like a white bunny rabbit. You finally snap out of the sleepy mood and gasp quietly. "Mom... what's wrong?!" you asked, pointing your finger directly in her eye. Your Mom let out an inaudible sob. "Oh, ____. Oh, ____, _____, ____." She couldn't stop saying your name over and over again. You start getting worried. This isn't like your Mom. "Mom," you say gently. "Tell me what's wrong." Your Mom stops crying and looks at you. "Oh, honey," she says quietly. "Your dad... and I. He's gone, ______." you can't bring yourself to what you heard. You're speechless! "You know what, honey?" your Mom says, trying to sound cheerfully. "Sometimes marriages can't last long and it can't always work out." You know what this means. Your Mom and Dad divorced.
  3. After hearing THAT awful news, you look at your alarm clock and it's already 7:00 AM! You groan as you remember today you are started 7th grade at Cambridge Middle&High School. You walk up to your wardrobe and dive in. Finally, ending up in a pile of dirty, unwashed, unorganized clothes, you find your school uniform- blue plaid skirt, black stockings, white collar shirt and a blue school jumper with school crest. Flinging on your uniform, doing your hair in a simple ponytail and brushing your teeth and throwing away that makeup crap that your Aunt Julie gave you in the garbage can, you set yourself to eat breakfast. But when you go to the breakfast table, your Mom wasn't there. Then you hear sudden sobs in the bathroom. You sigh and drink a glass of milk then collect your schoolbag, feed your cat, Skittles, then walk out of the door to school.
  4. Walking along the concrete paths to your school, you feel kinda depressed and sulky. Probably because you were still in summer holiday mood or maybe it's because your parents divorce? Suddenly, you bump into a whirl of blue.
  5. It's black. All black. When suddenly, you feel your eyes cracking open. You see a boy, with light brown hair and grey-blue eyes crouching down next to you. Then you realize that you're on the floor, looking like a complete idiot with your schoolbag unzipped and all your textbooks and papers falling out. "Hey, I'm sorry I bumped into you." the boy said, helping you pick up your stuff. You notice he has the same school uniform as you (in boys version, of course). "Oh... it's alright." you mumble almost inaudible. Finally you stand up. "I'm Daniel." the boy says, smiling. "Hey, dude!" another boys voice emerged from behind. This time, it's a group of boys behind him. One of the boys of the group, the one with dirty blonde hair rushed up to you and grabbed you by the arms. "You ok? Daniel has a thing with bumping up to people like that." the blondie says, glaring at Daniel. Daniel glares back and pushes the blondie's arms off you. "Look, what's your name?" he asks. "I'm _______" you answer, feeling as if you want these boys to hurry along as you might be late for homeroom. The blondie steps in front of Daniel, looking at you straight in the eyes. You notice he has beautiful icy blue eyes which enchant you immediately. "Yeah, well, I'm Aidan." he gives you a sexy smile. At the corner of your eye, you see Daniel rolling his eyes and mumbling a whatever. You didn't feel like smiling this morning, so you just say, "Uh, well, hi... um, I'm kinda in a hurry here. Gotta dash!" and you walk pass the group of boys.
  6. Going into homeroom, you try to find your best friend from elementary school, Alyssa. Finally you spot her hanging out with three girls who look like prostitutes. Meh, that's just mean, you think to yourself. How can I judge them like that? After all, Dad always told you to never judge by the looks. Just thinking about your Dad made your stomach churn. As you walk towards Alyssa and the group of girls who wore a ton of makeup, their school uniform customized with pink and glitter. They had turned their black school shoes to high heels. You clear your throat before saying anything as the group seemed really into a conversation about fashion dresses. "Um...hi, Alyssa." you say. Alyssa looks up. You gasp when you see her. "Alyssa!" you cry out. "You have green contact lenses!" Alyssa had blonde curly hair she used to always tie up in a bun and she had pretty blue eyes. "Yeah, I do." she says in a bored voice. Your surprised by her voice tone, as you remember the times back in elementary where she was all hyper and giggly. Now Alyssa's changed, by the looks. She now wears customized school shoes (high heels), light makeup, her hair now out with a purple headband. Her attitude has changed completely as well. As you got to talk with her and the other three girls, Miriam, Alexander and Heidi, you find out that Alyssa and the three girls have been hanging out during summer. Without me? you think miserably. When you begin to talk with them more during the whole time in homeroom, you learn that Alyssa is changing to a more... girly, mean, stuck-up person and acted bored a lot. As homeroom's over, you groan at yourself. Now with Alyssa acting weird, you're going to have to hang out with someone else for now. You suck at making friends for one thing, and the second thing is that you had no idea who to pick as your new friend. You hope that Alyssa turns back into the hyper, giggly, nice and encouraging old-Alyssa.
  7. You walk into your first period class, Math. Math was okay. It wasn't as hard as some other subjects. Stepping into class, you see that the seats are all full. The teacher was getting ready, shuffling papers while the whole class was talking and mucking about. You finally find a seat next to the blondie guy you saw when you bumped into Daniel this morning. His name is Aidan, and you see he's wearing a school soccer jersey with a number 11 at the back. It showed off his muscles and tan. "Hey, ____" he says to you with a...half wink?! "I remember you. You were that chick that bumped into Daniel this morning?" "Uh, yes I am." you say shyly. Whoa, were you falling for this guy?! Aidan laughed and touches you on the arm. Whoa, is he flirting?! You couldn't help but giggle a little at the thought. You two ended up talking to each other and finally, at the end, you get detention for talking while the teacher was. You feel quite nauseated as you never really had detention. But it turns out Aidan had it a bunch of times. "Oh, well. At least we're together." he let out a flirty laugh. Suddenly, a ringtone popped up out of nowhere. Aidan started fumbling through his bag and flipped open his phone. "Hey, babe." he said in a sexy voice. You can't help but stare at him while he was talking on his phone. "Uh, sure, sure. I'll pick you up at 8." he hung up. You can't help but ask who was that on the phone. "It's my...um, girlfriend. Heidi." he said. "Heidi? Oh, my friend- I mean, former friend, Alyssa is friends with Heidi." you say to him, feeling flat. "Look, _____." he says to you in a whisper. "Don't tell this to anyone, but I'm actually dating Sandra." You gasp. "So, you're cheating on Heidi?!" Aidan nodded and looked down. You promised not to tell, so you didn't. After class, you felt better, until you remember. Detention. Wow, first day of the term...and year....DETENTION?!
  9. Sorry, guys. I'm tired. It's late where I am and I've been up all night studying and at the final hour, I've been doing this series. There's another guy I'm supposed to introduce, but meh, will do in Part 2 :)
  10. Can you please tell me who you like so far? (Yes, I know. Only 2 boys but I had to focus on the other parts of the series as well, not just the boys. There should be 2 more boys I will introduce in Part 2!)
  11. Okay, so... there's Eric and Alex I'll need to introduce in the next part. Don't worry, I'll remember it!! Thanks for taking my FIRST quiz series and please rate and comment? Love ya! :P

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