Middle School Love

Middle school is a fun time, isn't it? Boys and everything! See what happens when there are FOUR cuties!

Created by: thunderwolf

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  1. You head to school on Monday. It's the first day of school. You are groggy and not wanting to be up. You step into the bus and there are only six seats left. You take the seat next to...
  2. You walk over and stand next to your choice. You say...
  3. (For the 1st choice) He looks at you and smiles. "hi. I'm Collin," he says. "I haven't seen you before," you say. "Yeah, I'm new," he says. He's giving you a look that looks like he likes you.
  4. (For choice 2) He looks down. You sit down next to him. He looks up at you and his eyes light up. "Hi, I'm Logan," He says softly. "It's alright! I don't bite!" you laugh. He smiles at you.
  5. (For choice 3) He looks at you. "'Ello love. My name's Gregg" He says with a british accent. You blush. "Oh, no. I call all girls 'love'," he explains, also blushing. You laugh.
  6. (For choice 4) He looks at you, looking a bit disgusted. "How often do you wash your hands?" he asks. "Um, at least ten times a day?" you guess, giggling. He smiles and seems comfortable with you. "I'm Cole." He says.
  7. (No choice 5) You get to school all the boys (and your bff) are in your class. You sit next to...
  8. The teacher starts the lesson you are...
  9. The class ends and you are all at your lockers. You are...
  10. You walk up to a boy of your choice. You...
  11. Done for now! Please comment on wether you like it or not. If you don't like it, please give suggestions! (These have no effect on your final result)
  12. Oh! By the way, who are you liking right now?

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