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  • Falling for nobody cuz I have somebody! I'm boring but loyal lol

    ocean Oct 30 '13, 10:17PM
  • Logan !!!!!!!!!!!!! ! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!! ! !!!!!!! !!!! !!!!!! !! ! !! !!!!!!!!!!

    mb123 Apr 20 '13, 12:44AM
  • You totally got Gregg for wizards!!!!!! Art and dogs, so true!!!!!

    luver6 Aug 9 '12, 8:49PM
  • @Imhappy: yup its gregg sulkin hes my celeb crush ;)

    thunderwolf Aug 12 '11, 2:23PM
  • Isn't gregg sort of like Greg Sulkin??? Btw I like em!! ;)

    Imhappy Jul 21 '11, 1:07AM
  • @ heyilikepie: thank you.
    @ iluvdolphins: thank you. i will make sure i do.

    thunderwolf Apr 17 '11, 8:03PM
  • i like gregg

    =) but in the next put in more dialogue and make the paragraphs longer

    overall, nice quiz

    iluvdolphins Apr 16 '11, 3:04PM
  • nice quizz:) i got logan

    heyilikepie Apr 15 '11, 9:23PM
  • Thank you. I might. Who did you get?

    thunderwolf Apr 15 '11, 9:13PM
  • u should make a boy who is an awesome boy and i am not boring or at least i dont think i am ps you should put in more diolag

    PersonXD Apr 15 '11, 9:13PM
  • awesome quiz I luv it make more

    PersonXD Apr 15 '11, 9:09PM

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