What's your love story?

You might be wondering who you would be most compatible with. Take the love story quiz today to truly find out who your soul mate is. Is it Blake, Matthew, Austin, or Jonas? It's your choice!

Choose any one of the four sweet boys at your new middle school! it will be hard, trust me, because I've met them before. They are difficult to get, so once you love them, NEVER let them go!

Created by: Emma Bartner

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  1. It's the first day of school, and you're so nervous! It's 7:15, and you were supposed to meet your friends by the lockers at.... 7:00..... You hurry up to them, but before you can get their attention, you run into... a boy.... "Hey...." he says, his blonde hair falling perfectly over his deep brown eyes. You say:
  2. Flustered, you hold your binders tighter to your chest, and speed up. You catch your friends standing near a locker, talking to a boy. An extremely cute boy to be exact. Your friends turn and walk off to their homerooms while you're left with this cutie. "Hello." His cold blue eyes pierce you, and fill you with a warm sensation. You smile, look down at your feet, and say hi back. He turns away and looks back at you when he walks into his class. You're left thinking:
  3. You walk into your homeroom, and find only one empty seat. Next to the adorable guy you saw in the hallway earlier. "Oh hi! I remember you! You ran into me earlier!" You laugh, smile, and say "Yeah I remember you too." "I'm Blake. Nice to meet you." You're about to say something else when the teacher walks into the class.
  4. You and Blake are partnered up for a project, and all of a sudden you get sweaty and start to feel uncomfortable. Blake sees you blush, and immediately asks you what's wrong. All you do is smile, and say "Nothing," and nervously look around the room. As you look, you spot an extremely cute guy looking right at you from across the room. He has red hair and freckles, and bright blue eyes. You're thinking:
  5. Class has ended, and the cute red-haired boy walks up to you. He smiles, leaning against it, and you tense up. "Hi!" he finally says, "I'm Matthew!" He holds out his hand, and you nervously shake it. "Hey. I'm *name.*" You reply anxiously. He smiles, nods, and says, "Well, see ya later!" You smile back, and are thinking:
  6. You're in music class, and you notice Blake, Matthew, the blue-eyed kid from the hallway, and a new, brown haired guy is sitting and laughing with them. He notices you looking at him, and he clears his throat and reclines in his chair. "Hi!" Matthew says rather loudly. "You remember Blake, right?" You nod and smile widely. "Well, this is Jonas," he says, gesturing to the brown haired kid, "and this," he continues, looking at the boy with blue eyes, "is Austin." You smile at Austin, brushing your hair behind your ears.
  7. Class is starting, and your class is starting the singing unit. You whisper 'Yesss!!' and hear someone say the same thing behind you. You turn around and see Austin on the edge of his seat, his long black bangs falling over his eyes. The teacher introduces your class to the new song, and asks if anyone knows it. Your hand shoots up, and you sing a few bars. You can feel your voice wavering off a little bit, but your teacher has a perplexed expression on her face, and as you turn around, so does Austin. "Wow, you're a great singer!" You blush, smile, and sit back down in your seat. "Do you want to come to my house later?" he asks, shyly brushing his hair back from his icy blue eyes. "Um, sure.. I guess!" you reply, but inside, you're thinking:
  8. You arrive at Austin's house later, and it's so colorful and unique! Picture frames with cute photos of Austin and his family hang everywhere, and you hear footsteps flurry down the stairs! "Hey, you came!!!" You smile and your hair falls over your eyes. You scramble to fix it, but Austin's fingers gently brush it out of the way. You turn red, and touch your hand over his fingers. His pupils dilate, and you smile, bringing your hand and his hand down from your cheek. "I did. Wouldn't miss it for anything." you say, smiling at him, as he stares and smiles at you. You're thinking:
  9. At school the next day, you and Austin exchange glances a lot, and Blake looks on jealously. Jonas smiles at you, and Matthew pokes you in the back with a pencil and winks when you turn around. These boys are cute, but you know you can only have one. You scribble a note on a post-it and pass it around the class. The boys expressions change as they read your scrawled handwriting. 'Meet me outside the school at 5, kay?'
  10. At 5, you and the boys are standing in a circle behind the school. Jonas cuts in, "*name* why are you making us do this? I mean, you're beautiful, talented, and super funny, but why?" You blush and smile and look at Jonas. You plant your lips gently on his. His face turns pale and he puts some tongue in it. You pull back and land your lips on his cheek once more. You step back and notice that Matthew, Blake, and Austin are on their last nerve. Austin steps up and says, "Listen, if you like Jonas more than the rest of us, that's fine with me. As long as you're happy." His eyes well up with tears, and he might as well be sobbing. He grasps your face, and kisses you hard. You kiss until you feel a sharp tap on your shoulder. You turn to see Matthew standing behind you. "Hi." you say, shaking. You then realize what you have done. Kissed the cutest boys in school, and then throw them away like a dirty sock or a banana peel. Matthew lightly touches your shoulders, and draws you in. TO BE CONTINUED!!!
  11. VISIT PART 2!!!!

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