Mermaid Love Story

This is a story about a Mermaid finding her true love. (kind of cheesy) It's my first quiz/ story! I worked hard on it! I hope you enjoy it! Rate and comment too!

If you have any suggestions, I take them seriously, and will always try to help. Please don't be too hard on me! Please tell me of you want part two!

Created by: Kitty101

  1. Hi! This is my first quiz/story. I hope you enjoy it! I'll try to make part two as soon as possible.
  2. You're playing the role of Meridia. A mermaid whose family abanded her at a young age. She has sparking blue eyes, wavy blonde hair, and an aqua ocean blue tail.
  3. It was a cool breezy day off the coast of England. The waves were a little higher than usually. Your blue eyes sparkle in the rough water. The time period is 1850's. You dive deeper, hoping to ecscape the churning waters.
  4. As you dive deeper, a massive wave pushes you closer to shore. You know that if you're spotted, mermaid hunters will be after you. Your scales are very valuable. The wave pushes you under, hitting your head on a rock. Everything goes dark.
  5. You wake up, the sun is starting to shine, and the ocean is more blue. Suddenly, you realize that you're on shore. Still in water, but not enough to leave to small cove. A few vines and flower bloom around you. The trotting of a horse can be heard coming closer, "Damnnit!", you think to yourself. A man, maybe 20 years old is riding the horse. He has brown hair that almost covers one eye, tall, strong, piercing green eyes, and a necklace full of mermaid skills. You know this isn't good. Suddenly he stops and notices you.
  6. You swish your tail, trying harder to leave. "Leave me be!", you say with a soft voice. Before you know it, the man has a knife to your neck. "And why should I leave you?", he replies. You look up straight into his eyes. "Please sir.", you mumble. He walks to his horse, and returns with a net. "How could I leave someone as beautiful as you?" , he says with a devilish grin.
  7. Sorry! Cliffhanger!
  8. Will you rate or comment?
  9. Did you like the story so far?
  10. See you next time!

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