Taily Love Story Part 1

This story is about Sam ,a somewhat rebelious mermaid who meets 4 guys and an adventure that goes past her dreams.The guys's descriptions and their characters are in the results

I am going to repeat because I am bored.This story is about Sam ,a somewhat rebelious mermaid who meets 4 guys and an adventure that goes past her dreams.The guys's descriptions and their characters are in the results

Created by: nirvanarocks
  1. I opened my eyes but the next second they were again shut.The light was too bright for me.When I opened them again the light had already started to perform a circle.It was supported by a tall thing like a column at the end of the port.I've heard that humans call it a lighthouse.It was dark and old.It wasn't pretty.
  2. It kind of reminded me the top tower of Poseidon's palace.Suddenly a shiver started from my tai and spread through my whole body.It was time to go home.I dove in the water and started to swim.I was in a hurry and luckily I was going pretty fast.My moher was going to kill me if she realized that I wasn't home.
  3. I glanced at my tail.Ok,let's face it.My tail isn't the most beautiful tail in the world but i love it.It's purple with a hint of green and when the sun is up my scales shine.I have brown eyes and long red hair which I took from my mother.I took the color of my eyes from my father but I'm not so sure because when I was a baby he just vanished.
  4. I swam deeper.It was really dark but when I passed the coral gate of Poseidon's kingdom the lights of the houses appeared.At the north edge of the city there is the palace where Poseidon lives alone with his servants,advisors and other members of the court.He hasn't got any family and is really hot-tempered.In he other hand I live at the west part of the city.And if you wonder, the city's name is Atlantis.
  5. I guickly swam past Jake's house and turned left.Jake is my best friend.We met when I was 10."Swimming in the night without permission again?"someone said.I turned around and saw...
  6. Jake.He was watching me from his window.I giggled and said "More details tomorrow at school.""Ok, but don't be late again." he answered."I'll try not to.Goodnight Jake""Goodnight Sam"
  7. I rushed in my house and up into my bedroom.I lay in my hammock and heard a knock on the door."Come in"I said.My mother entered apparenlty very sleepy.She has a long orange tail which I find very beautiful."Did you go down to the kitchen,because I heard noise"she asked"Yes,I couldn't sleep and decided to grab a snack"I answered."Ok,goodnight""Goodnight Mom"
  8. I hated when I lied to my mother but I couldn't tell her that I had gone to the surface.It was forbidden from Poseidon.If someone went to the surface he would be imprisoned for the redt of his life.Plus I'm not allowed to go anywhere at night.I never understood why the king had so many strict laws.It was propably because of the woman he loved but that is a legend.
  9. It is said that Poseidon used to go to the shore and meet with a woman who wasn't a mermaid.He would go there every night at midnight and she would always wait for him.But one night she didn't go.Poseidon became mad and he was creating storms for months.He never went there again.Then he announces those.It is very unfair.I love going to the surface.All my thoughts were interupted when I fell asleep.
  10. CLIFFHANGER...So that was the first part of my first story please rate and tell me in the comments if I should write more.If yes then it might take a while for part 2 to come out.Bye-Bye

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