Traitor in the Palace: Part 1

In this story you are part of a murder case. The king was recently killed and you have to figure out who killed him. Along the way you may make some new friends, and even fall in love.

The Characters: Crown Prince Daniel- Dark black hair and green eyes. He is very kind. Queen Ariana- Blonde hair and blue eyes. Young for a queen, quiet. Princess Emily- Dark eyes and black hair. She is mysterious, but very loyal. Foreign Prince Garret- Red hair and brown eyes. Annoying and stuck up. Alianne of Haven's Swoop (you)- Bright hazel eyes wavy brown hair.

Created by: Alanna

  1. Make sure to read the introduction paragraph before taking this quiz Please!!
  2. You go into the courtroom for the Spring Ball. All of the nobles are there, because the Queen is having her birthday. You have on a lavender colored dress that your mom made you put on. You hate the fit, but you have to impress the nobles, as a daughter of the most important nobles in the realm you have a duty to marry an eligible young nobleman.
  3. A cute young man walks up to you," Hey! Do you want to dance?" Looking up into his deep green eyes, you recognize the Crown Prince Daniel. You stand up in a hurry to curtsy and fall into him.
  4. He was quick. He caught you, you blush and he laughs kindly, " I would love to dance," you reply. He leads you out to the dance floor. He is good dancer, but you are not. You stumble a couple of times, he just continues and smiles at you. He is so nice.
  5. Then King Benet stands to make his toast. You make your way back to your seat, thinking about Daniel. He was in his spot by the king again. You look at him and he smiles. It's easy to see the family resemblance between him and Daniel. They both had the same black hair and green eyes. You look at the beautiful queen. She has bright blue eyes and thick blonde hair that's pulled up into a messy bun, the current hair style at court. You think about your own curly red-brown hair that is down, and feel jealous.
  6. The rest of the night goes by quickly. You get to dance with Daniel only one more time. Then you eat and go to bed.
  7. The next morning you get up and put on an orange gown. Then head out to the gardens, but what you find there is an ugly site. The kings body is on the ground in a pool of blood. All around there are people crying. You look at the foreign prince, Garret. He looks indifferent. Then you see Daniel, he is staring off into the distance, very obviously upset. You walk up to him, on your way you notice the queen, who is now sobbing.
  8. Before you get to Daniel a group of noblewomen surrounds him. You decide to go find the princess Emily, you find her sitting on the fountains edge a little ways away from the hideous site. She has some tears on her cheeks, but doesn't appear as sad as the queen. " Hey, Ali," she says. You look into her dark eyes and see sadness in them that wasn't there when you were children. You put an arm arround her, " You okay?" you ask. " Yeah, I guess."
  9. The guards gather everyone for an announcement. " Someone killed the king!" you hear sounds of surprise from the crowd as you look around. Who would have done such a thing?
  10. Who do you think did it?

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