The DownFall: part two

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Hey people! This is part two of this beautiful series! If you haven't read the prologue or part One, you should probably go ahead and do that before reading this one.

So, I'm sorry if this upsets you in any way. ( I actually started crying while writing it, because some parts of this story are actually real. Such as the fact I used to struggle with the fact an ex of mine had been killed.) anyway...

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. Hey guys!(If you haven't read the prologue or part One, I suggest you go do that before reading this part) ***RECAP ***" What did you do to him?" Jax finally asked, caressing my cheek in his hands. " I loved him. " I whispered through sobs, burying my face deep into my palms, wishing a hole would swallow me up.
  2. "What? I thought you said Cash was your Ex." Jax said, furrowing his brows as he attempted to comprehend what exactly took place. "Yeah.. He.. He was. " I sniffed, wiping my tears away with the side of my hand. "Explain it to us. I mean, if you don't mind, that is." Adam suggested, handing me a tissue from his pocket. I gave a small nod as I wiped the corners of my eyes with a sigh.
  3. "Cash and I had been a couple for over three years before he introduced me to his brother, Nick. As soon as I met Nick, I didn't really see what I used to in Cash. Compared to Nick, Cash was nothing. Cash always abused me, verbally and physically, while Nick treated me with the utmost respect. After a while, Nick and I grew closer, while Cash and I grew further apart." I explained, watching their expressions to figure out if I should continue. As if they understood why I paused, they both gave me a nod to continue.
  4. "One night, I went over to their house to tell Cash I wanted to break up with him, but when I got there, he wasn't home. I informed Nick of my decision and... And we decided as soon as I broke up with Cash, we'd start dating. I know, it was a bad idea, but we were young and in love. Well.... When Cash got there, he'd seen me in Nick's room and thought we'd been making out, but we were just talking about big plans and our families, stuff like that." I sighed, closing my eyes for half a second, trying hard not to cry.
  5. "Hey, Ash. Just keep calm. You don't have to tell the rest if it upsets you too much." Jax whispered, but I could see the eagerness in their eyes, so I shook my head. "I should finish. It'd be silly to stop. Besides, you two are the only people who know this much. Even Cash doesn't know alot of this. " I sighed, gathering my courage before speaking again. "Anyway. Cash had assumed we'd been making out, so he.... He pulled me off of Nick's bed and slammed me against the wall. He was about to punch me in the face, when Nick grabbed ahold of his arm to stop him. Cash turned to him in shock, surprised at Nick's sudden courage, and asked him one question. The question that caused his death. " I sighed, tears pouring down my face, the spit in my mouth feeling like acid as it burned my throat.
  6. "What was the question?" Adam asked. "He... He asked him if he loved me. When Nick gave a shameful nod, Cash turned to me with a hurt look in his eyes and asked me the same question. I gave a small nod.... He... He lost it. He grabbed me by the neck and slammed me against the floor. He was just about to beat me when Nick let out a scream and begged him not to. He did it anyway.... And... And Nick hated every second of being forced to watch. Afterwards, he took Nick outback. That's the last time I saw him alive." I whispered, laying my head on Jaxs shoulders as I burst into tears. "Ash. I'm so sorry. Why do you feel it was your fault though? It wasn't your fault he loved you. " Adam pointed out, giving my back a small rub to calm me down. "If I'd never had met him, he'd still be alive. Cash wouldn't even let me say a goodbye. Or even let me see him one last time. No, instead, he locked me in a closet to suffocate. Luckily, his friend, Aj, found me." I sobbed, trying so hard to forget it all. Trying so hard, but failing.
  7. "Ash. Please keep calm. Did you ever wonder if he was still out there?" Jax asked. I looked up at him, a small amount of hope left in me as I gave him a shrug. "Not really. I knew Cash pretty well, and he had an awful temper. Nick claimed he killed his parents, and I didn't doubt it a bit. Even if he survived, why would Cash lie about it? Why would he want me dead?" I asked, oblivious to there eye rolls they were giving me. " Well... He could be lying about it because if you knew Nick was alive, you'd just run back to him. And maybe, his twisted mind has decided if he can't have you, nobody can." Adam shrugged, glancing over at Jax who nodded in agreement.
  8. "You.. You think?" I asked, giving a small sniff as I lifted the tissue up to my nose. Gently wrapping it to cover both nostrils, I gave a small blow that made a low honking noise. "Excuse me." I mumbled, going red in the face as they eyed me curiously." Don't be embarrassed. I truly am sorry if he's actually gone, but if he isn't, I'm still sorry you had to put up with all that pain. " Jax whispered, motioning for Adam to leave the room. Adam gave him a sharp glare, giving me one last hug before standing to his feet and walking out into the hall. We stayed silent until we were sure he'd gone downstairs, and that's when Jax did the unexpected.
  9. His lips crashed against mine, causing a chill to run up my spine as I reluctantly gave in to his love. "I'm sorry." he apologized after pulling away. For some reason, I didn't regret it, I somehow... Enjoyed it. "Don't.. Don't apologize.," I whispered, giving him one of my rare smiles that I usually never gave. A true smile, not a fake cheesy one that stopped below your eyes. "You're smiling." he chuckled, his beautiful eyes sparkling as he studied me carefully. "Is that what that's called?" I asked with a laugh, resting my forehead against his with a sigh. "When I first saw you, I knew you'd be a nice girl. I could just sense it in your green eyes. It's like when you adopt an abused animal. They just have this high level of distrust you have to pass, but once you do that, you have a friend for life. " he chuckled, ignoring my question.
  10. Our lips reconnected, his fingers pressed against my cheekbones and mine pressed against his chest. He slowly moved his hands down to waist and I draped my arms around his neck, allowing my fingers to bury themselves into his hair. I felt his lips lift up into a smile as we continued to kiss, only breaking apart for a breath of air. "Come here, you. " he chuckled, motioning over to his lap. I quickly scrambled over to him, sitting down on his lap and turning to face him in a position were our chests were pressed against each other. "I know I've only just met you, but I love you." he whispered into my ear, causing me to feel a bit confused. How did I feel about him? "I like you alot too. " I whispered breathly, allowing him to kiss me again. "We better head downstairs before anyone worries about us. " he suggested, gently helping me to my feet.
  11. "Yeah. You're right." I sighed, walking around him to get to the door without making eye contact with him. "You're being awkward again. " he pointed out. "You're being Captain Obvious again." I retorted, pressing my hand to his chest before opening the door and sashayed downstairs. "Well aren't you a bundle of confidence." a voice said, giving a chilly laugh that both scared and attracted me at the same time. "Oh. Ash. You haven't met Castillo, my step brother." Jax said, Castillo giving a mock curtsy that made me give an awkward laugh. "She can laugh!" Adam exclaimed, running through the room with an excited grin on his face. "Do I look like a robot? I have more than one emotion, don't be so oblivious." I snapped, furrowing my brows as the awkward silence began to suffocate me in my fears. "Okay, you two. Keep it calm. Ash, I understand you're not exactly miss sunshine, but could you atleast try to be kind?" Jax asked.
  12. " Whatever. Just leave me be. " I huffed, pushing past him with a growl. "Don't you dare, Ash. " he warned, knowing I was on the lookout for anything sharp and pointy. "I said leave me be!" I cried, running my hand against my face in disgust. "Guys! Get in here and help us!" Jax yelled, him and Adam crash tackling me, my body sprawling across the linoleum flooring. "Let me go!" I screamed, kicking and flailing my arms furiously, socking Adam in the nose while doing so. "Ash, stop this madness! Stop trying to do this to yourself!" Jax yelled, giving my face a gentle slap that caused a burning sensation in my upper cheekbone. "Just get off me! Let me go! I want out! Please!" I wailed, flattening my body out as I turned into a sobbing mess.
  13. "What's wrong!? What happened?" Liam asked, skidding to a stop as he and the rest of the guys ran into the room to see me being held down by Adam and Jax." She's having a mental breakdown." Adam insisted. "I am not! Just let me go, please. Put me out of my misery!" I cried, kicking and screaming as Adam and Jax pulled me to my feet. " It's a shame she's insane. " Rave sighed, walking over to a hand made wooden chest, opening it up and pulling out a spool of rope. "I'm not insane!" I roared, a burst of anger rushing through my body that gave me the courage to jab Jax in the chest with my elbow. "Augh!" he groaned, unknowingly loosening his grip on my wrist, just enough for me to yank away and shove Adam aside.
  14. Running as fast as my feet could take me, I entered what appeared to be a kitchen. Perfect. I quickly scanned the counters, hoping to find anything sharp and pointy, but only saw padded pans and spoons. They already knew that I was insane. Just as I felt like giving up, a body crashed into mine, causing my head to bang against the edge of the counter with enough force to knock me out. The lights flickered on and off, and all that ran through my ears was muffled voices accompanied by a loud pounding in my head. Just as I began to hear better, everything went dark. I'd went unconscious.
  15. ***CLIFFHANGER ***sorry! My phone's battery is extremely low right now. I'll charge it up and start on part three later! Ciao!

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