Live, Laugh, Love -part 3

Ok. Welcome to part 3 of my series of love story quizzes, Live, Laugh, Love. If you haven't taken part one and/or two, please click on my name and go to my first quiz, please! I messed up on the part two title. Sorry if they confused you.

I hope you like part three! In the next part(I promise this time) I will put the description of the boys. Umm.. I might start a new quiz series about I don't know what. But, thank you for clicking on my quiz! Bye! I hope you like it! Bye(again)!

Created by: JoJoJorden

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  1. RECAP: I laughed while Bane and Chance glared at eachother, and walk away to fill up my Dr. Pepper cup. On the way, I run into Shaun. I fall onto the ground, and he helps me up. I see who it is, and glare at him, in pure hatred. He killed my bestfriend. He smiles at me, but drops my smile when he sees my clenched fists. "Look, Zoe. I'm sorry about your friend." He starts, but I'm ticked off. "You're sorry? Really? Wow. I bet you are. I bet you hate yourself for what you did, and how you killed you. I have no sympathy for you. I hate you." I say, looking at him in disgust. "I really am sorry. I wasn't myself. Rielly can control minds. He forced me to do that. I'm really sorry, Zoe. I like you. There. I said it. I'm sorry if you won't ever forgive me. Please, just let me talk." He says, his eyes glinting in the neon lights. Kyle is at my side. "Shaun, go. You killed my sister. Leave. Don't ever talk to Zoe again. Leave before Zoe gets angry, unless you want to die." Kyle orders Shaun.
  2. Kyle disappears. I turn to look at the boys, but they're gone. "Good. Zoanna Saq, your friends have been evaporated to Honolulu, Hawaii. We needed to talk to you. We held you back because you showed bravery. We will award you with a bow and arrow. The tips are poisionus(sp), so don't touch them." I deep, man voice booms into the bowling alley. I feel something trickle down my back, and I close my eyes. I feel my feet leave the ground, and I open them when I feel water around me. I look around and find myself in a deep pool. I climb out, and I'm soaked in water. I look up, and see a huge house with a painted yellow tint. I go to open the door, and a button beeps. "Welcome, Zoanna Saq." A robotic voice says. A picture of me pops up on the side of the house. -that's awesome!- I think. "Enter." The voice demands. I do, and I see Nickie, Kyle, Chance, and Bane glaring at Shaun from across the room. Kyle jumps up, and hugs me. Bane, Chance, and Shaun do the same. "I gotta change." I say, motioning to my clothes. "You must pick a room." The robot voice demands. I walk up to the stairs, push a yellow button, and they start moving. I push an orange button, and they turn into a slide. I push a blue button, and they go back to normal stairs.
  3. I go down the normal stairs. The others went up before me. I walk into an all white hallway, and I walk to the very far door. I walk in, and across the room. I look out the window, and see the pool. The room's empty. "You will get $3000 to decorate your room." The robotic voice says. I see a bundle of money, grab it, and shove it into my pocket. I walk out of my room, up the stairs, and into the kitchen. Kyle is on the couch in the living room. I turn and sit next to him. "Hey. I'm going to the store. You want to come?" I ask him. He slowly nods, and I grab his hand to pull him up. We walk outside, and race to a new black dodge pickup. I climb into the driver seat, and start the truck. Kyle jumps in, and I drive down the driveway. I turn on the radio. The dial goes to 93.3 and it works, oddly. All American Girl by Carrie Underwood is on, and I sing it. Kyle laughs. "It's talking about you!" Kyle says. I laugh because I act like a boy most of the time. We stop at a Home Depot looking building and go in. I get big red and black letter stickers, and bright blue paint. We go pay, and climb back into the truck. Kyle drives. "Now where?" He asks me. I shrug. "Umm... A mall?" I ask. He nods. I pop a Carrie Underwood CD in, and All American Girl comes on again. "...And his heart belongs to that sweet little beautiful All American Girl..." I sing. Kyle sets his hand over mine, and he laughs. "The 'All American Girl' is you. Who's the football star?" He asks. I realize that he plays football. "I guess you are." I say, locking my fingers around his.
  4. We pull up to the wall, and I go to get out. Kyle pulls me back, and we're facing eachother. I look down, and he kisses me. His lips are soft. We get out of the truck, and we walk to the mall. He throws his arm around me. We walk to the food court. He leans towards me. "Let's leave. I saw a Red Lobster back there." He says, grabbing my hand. I allow him to pull me through the crowd of people. We run to the truck, and I drive. I put on 104.7, and Airplanes by BOB is on. Kyle raps, and I laugh. I stare into his eyes, and look back to the road. I stop at Red Lobster, and Kyle walks over to open my door. I get out, and land on my ankle. I just get up, and look down. -You're fine.- I tell myself.
  5. We walk into the resturaunt, hand in hand. A lady with tomato-red hair, brown hair, freckles, and glasses walks up to us. "Hi, welcome to Red Lobster. A table for two?" She asks us. We nod in usion. "You two are so cute together!" She squeals. I blush and Kyle smiles crookedly. I feel water trickle down my back, and we're back in the truck. "Drive. I saw Rielly." Kyle orders me. I do, and I also see Rielly. I drive back to the house, and I run to my room. I glance at my white watch, and it's 11:00. I grab the blue paint, put it on one wall. Wait for it to half dry, then do the same to the other walls. Once I'm done, it's 2:00. I fall asleep on the floor.
  6. I wake up to somebody hitting the wall. A black mist comes up from under the door, and takes form of a man about 34. My hand glows red. I walk up to him, and punch him in the stomach. I look at my hand and it's still glowing. "Who are you?" I ask him. "Opotchus sent me." He grumbles. He passes out so I drag him into the extra room. I losk it from the outside, and I shove paint under the cracks under the door. I go back to my room, and see that it now has a california king bed, with a red comforter, and black and blue pillows. I grab the paint, and see black paint in the closet. I paint the door blue, and put black designs around my name. I jump onto my bed, and fall asleep. I dream that I'm walking with a boy. He has black hair, bright blue eyes, freckles, buckteeth, and is smiling at me.
  7. "ZOE! Run!" The boy screams at me. I run, and trip into the lake. "Jake! Jake! Help me!" I yell to the boy. I'm pushed under the water and I wake up. I wake up and I hear screaming. Then, I realise I was the one screaming. I check my pulse, and realise I'm ffine. I fall back asleep and the dream continues. I see arrows shot at me through the water. I pick my head up and see a black hooded figure(like a dementor in Harry Potter). It's holding my bow and arrows. It shoots again, and the arrow hits my hand. I clutch my hand and scream under water. I see the boy jump in the water. He grabs my arm and pulls me out of the water. We sit on the bank and stare at eachother. He leans forward slowly. I lean my forehead against his, and I smell his peppermint breath. He kisses me, and pulls the arrow out of my hand. The figure is standing behind him. "Jake!" I scream. He stabs the figure and hugs me. "I love you, Zoe." He whispers into my ear.
  8. I wake up. I jerk into a sitting position. My hand feels like it's throbbing. I think about the boy. He looked so familiar. I feel like I should know him. I just shrug the thought and get up. I grab a pair of red skinnyjeans, a black shirt t-shirt with white stripes, red hooped earings, a white DC hat, black converses, and I curl my hair. I walk out of the room, and walk up to the 'stairs'. Everybody is upstairs, so I have to climb up the slide. I walk into the kitchen, and sit down at the island(a built in table in the middle of the kitchen). Somebody jumps up, and I run to the door. "Hello?" I ask as I open the door. I see Jake. He hugs me, but I don't exactly know him. "Who are you?" I ask him, clueless. "You don't remember me. KYLE!" He says. Kyle comes running. He whistles at me and I slap his arm. "You said she had her memory back." Jake says accusingly. I run to the bathroom, makeup. I throw on some black mascara, black eyeliner, white eyeshadow over smokey gray, and lipgloss. I run back to the door. "And I heard Opatchus sent somebody to get her? Is that what you call protecting her? Does she even know her parents?" Jake demands.
  9. Kyle glares at Jake. I try to get into Jake's head. "Come on, Zoe. I can hear you breathing." Jake says, laughing. I come out, and stand inbetween them. "What's your power?" I ask him, breaking the silence. He smiles. "I can breath under water, and I can see through walls. Only if I'm infront of a wall, don't worry." He says, smiling. -Well, that's cool. And no. I never knew my parents.- I say into Jake's mind. He jumps. "Uh, Kyle? Can I talk to Jake alone?" I ask sweetly. He nods painfully. Jake grabs my hand and leads me outside. He takes me to a swing past a huge barn. "Who are you?" I ask him again. He looks like I just hurt him. "I did this for your safety." He says. I don't know what he's talking about. "Opatchus is an the evil overlord of hell. He's worse then the devil. But, Opatchus wanted your powers. You were almost part of a huge war, but my friend Adam, and I took you to his mom. She erased your memory. It wasn't safe. Opatchus was going to torture answers out of you. I couldn't let that happen. I am Jake Qumlet. I'm a werewolf. I.. I was... I was your boyfriend." He says, pushing the swing with his feet.
  10. "What? Is that why you were in my dream last night?" I asked him. He shook his head. "In your dreams, you can see the future. You're a dream physic. Very rare. I don't know how you can't remember. You said we were hopelessly in love. We were talking about running from Opatchus. But you had to take care of your family. Once they ran, we were stuck. You kept saying that you love me. That you would stay with me until you died. You almost died before the war. I didn't leave your side. You almost killed Opatchus before we erased your memory. Adam flew in-he turns into an eagle- and grabbed you. He flew you deep into the woods. His mom did it. She gave you the potion. That's why I hate Kyle. He kissed you! He's my brother!" Jake yells.

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