Educational Love Part 4

This quiz is the fourth part to the Educational Love series. If you haven't taken part 1 two and 3, please do that otherwise you will be really confused

Who are you in love with? Danny, Sam, Brian, or Andrew? Are you ready for the truth? Come check out this interesting quiz that you are sure to enjoy!

Created by: Alex13writer

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  1. This is a follow up quiz, so please take the first three.
  2. (Picking upi where we left off) Danny says, "I love you"
  3. You gasp. You want to talk to him, but he cuts you off before you can. "I have to go." "But can't I at least talk to you?" You ask but he's already leaving. You sit confused in your house, not by the alien thing, but by what's wrong with Danny. It's almost as if you can feel the tension in him, and sadness.
  4. As day passes, darkness falls and you head to your room. You dream. You dream of what your planet might look like, and all of the people that lived there. You feel a cold hand on your back and wake up.
  5. You look up and see an unfamiliar face carrying you out of your house. You try to struggle but they are too strong. You begin to panic. Since your parents are on their business trip, there is no one home. You are carried across the town in a car, and on foot. You are prettending to have fallen asleep but you are way too scared.
  6. You reach a small house with no lights on. You wonder what your captor is going to do to you. You peek through somewhat closed eyelids and see a metalic room. You are placed on a long, cold table, like they have at the vets office. "Wake up." You hear your captor tell you. You open your eyes, affraid to disobey. You see a dark figure, wearing a mask.
  7. "You understand that you must die, correct?" The dark figure asks. You do not respond. "You see, your little boyfriends think they can protect you. But they can't. They don't understand how smart we Paraphenielgians are. But instead of ending your life quickly, I will kill you nice and slow. Don't try to resist, you will die
  8. You want to scream, but your mind is racing. Will this be it? Could I let everyone down? Will I die? "How will you kill me?" You ask the dark figure. "Suffocation" He replies. "You have an hour to live. Good bye" You notice a glass wall form around you, and you notice that it is a one way window. You can't see out, but he can see in. You knock against the glass, but for no good. You are trapped, and slowly dying.
  9. You've been in your 'bubble' for 40 minutes, you feel lightheaded. You are struggling to breathe when you hear a large crash behind you. You pass out right when the window opens. The last thing you see is the guys pulling you out of the bubble.
  10. Hope you liked and PLEASE COMMENT! I need to know if I should make more!

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